59 Years Young – Going on 33!

Since the discovery of that cyst in my breast over twenty years ago, I have made staying healthy and cancer-free top priority in my life, and that of my children, and now, grandchildren!  I just became 59 on August 31st, and I’m glad to say that I feel great everyday! While I have not yet gone 100% raw in my dietary intake, I do make fruits and vegetables a major priority in my daily diet, and I “go raw” several times a year, even if it is just for 2-3 days at a time.

I was pleasantly surprised just last year, when I was visiting my friends in New Jersey for our forty-year high school reunion, and my good friend Dr. Fa, who is a wonderful Chiropractor in East Orange, New Jersey, introduced me to a young lady in her office who performed a special test that showed the condition and “age” of your blood vessels. She hooked me up to the machine with a finger clamp, and when my chart started rolling out of the machine, she screamed, “I’ve never seen a chart that looked as good as yours does!” When the chart emerged completely from the machine, she looked at it much closer and explained to me that the readings on the chart estimated the “age” of my arteries and veins to be that of a 32-year old person! Needless to say, I was quite pleased to hear that news, and even though she knew I didn’t need it, she explained to me that the product she was selling gets rid of blockage in the blood vessels. When she told me that the main ingredient in the product was an amino acid called Arginine, it did not take me too long to figure out that I could attribute my good results to her test to Braggs Amino Acids, which contains Arginine, along with other vital amino acids. It seems that Arginine is very good at keeping the walls of all blood vessels nice and clean, and I have been using that instead of salt for many years. I made a major dietary decision over twenty-five years ago – that I was not going to sprinkle salt on my food at the table, nor use it in my cooking ever again! I discovered that Braggs Amino Acids was a wonderful salt substitute, and I have been using it ever since. It satisfies the “salty” flavor without the negative health concerns of salt, and that’s very important to me. Now, my 19 year-old granddaughter even prefers to use Braggs instead of salt when she cooks, and that makes me very happy! 😀 I am glad to be the one responsible for introducing good health practices to multiple generations of my family! This is something to which we all need to aspire.

I feel that the importance of nutrition to our health cannot be over-emphasized! The Medical Industry would like us to believe that Diabetes is hereditary and can only be “treated” but not cured. However, all of my research and discoveries point to the simple fact that Diabetes is simply caused by poor nutrition, period! Eat healthy – cure Diabetes! In my opinion, the only reason that Diabetes seems to be hereditary is because we, as women, tend to pass down poor eating habits and unhealthy food preparation from one generation to the next. It’s just that simple!

In Connecticut, there’s a company called Raw For Thirty, LLC that created a wonderful documentary. This is an important film for everyone to see! It can change our national perspective of how to cure Diabetes, (or any other disease for that matter).

Looking at that Raw For Thirty film makes it quite obvious to me that good health is really very simple!!! The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries would like us to believe that we need them to be healthy, when it is exactly the opposite! They need us to be (financially) healthy, and will do anything to maintain their “cashflow of disease”! All we need to do is embrace healthy nutrition and remove processed food from our diets! It shouldn’t be that difficult to choose! Disease and death with processed foods versus good health and life with natural foods!

Have you made the choice for your family yet?


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