The past few days have been quite hectic and busy with family celebrations: Thursday – Thanksgiving Day, and yesterday,Friday, my Grandson’s birthday party.  It was wonderful, as it always is, to celebrate, but I especially enjoy the quiet time that I get to experience with just ME!  It was wonderful to wake-up this morning with no particular place to go, or any particular thing to do!  I relaxed quietly in bed giving thanks and praises for yet another opportunity to experience this wonderful Game of Life!  At about 8:30am I decided to take my cherished walk up to the top of Paradise Hill.  I could tell that it was quite chilly outside, so I wore one of my favorite sweatshirts.  I could tell that it actually rained a little this morning, and the air was fresh.  The walk was extremely nice today, and my sweatshirt was EXACTLY what I needed to wear.  As I walked, I marveled at all the beauty surrounding me, knowing that MY Consciousness created EVERYTHING that I was seeing in perfect divine harmony and order. 

When I reached the top of Paradise Hill, I was ecstatic to see that there was NO visable pollution ANYWHERE over the entire City of Los Angeles!  It was a clear morning and Downtown Los Angeles looked absolutely beautiful!  A perfect day for taking a “LA Picture Postcard”  It’s not often that there is absolutely NO POLLUTION to be seen.  Usually I can see the smog layer below in the city, and along the Beaches of Venice, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach!  But today these was nothing but an absolutely clear gorgeous view!  The wind undoubtably helped move the smog along, because it was quite windy this morning, especially at the top of Paradise Hill; nevertheless, I stayed for a while to quietly meditate and gaze out upon the splendid view!  And the air was as fresh as I’ve ever smelled it from that location, so I breathed very deeply to fully experience the fresh oxygen being delivered to my lungs.  After about 20-30 minutes I arose from my usual sitting stone and continued my walk.  It wasn’t long before I noticed a bird  flying above.  It wouldn’t normally have caught my attention because I usually see birds flying overhead quite often during my walk, but what caught my attention was that the bird was flapping its wings quite energetically, but staying in the same spot!…he was attempting to fly against the wind!  He would sometimes swoop down to the side, but when he returned to his original path against the wind, he stayed in one place no matter how hard he flapped!  I thought to myself, why doesn’t he fly in the other direction, or stop at tree until the wind dies down?   After several very energetic attempts, he finally made his way further north, but I couldn’t help but relate his journey to that of the Human Journey of Life. 

I view the Game of Life as an exciting wonderful journey to be fully experienced by each one of us in our own special way; exposing us to a wide range of “lessons” which help us to grow and mature in Spirit.  Through my life I have seen many people, just like that bird, working and struggling to accomplish a goal, utilizing ALL of their energy, neglecting their families and friends, their Health, to achieve… what?…money?…  Fame?…  Power?   My personal journey through LIFE has been quite smooth and easy, with no particular massive challenges or concerns.    So, it’s quite uncommon for me to experience resistance in my life, and therefore when I come to any MAJOR resistance (like the wind and the bird) to the direction I’m headed, I always stop to closely examine what I am doing, and see if there is a message from the Universe that I may have missed in my excitement about the project, or other distraction (i.e.-  the “noise” that’s constantly all around us.)  The quiet moments of meditation usually reveal in what direction I REALLY should be headed.  I “go with the flow” of LIFE!.  I AM the “YES” WOMAN!  I say “YES” to LIFE at EVERY opportunity because you never know what WONDERFUL surprises the Universe holds for you!

So, EVERY ONE of us has SOMETHING to be thankful for … but not only at this time of year… but EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I find myself giving thanks and praises to God several times a day, as I recognize the invisible, but comforting “helping hand” giving support, opening doors and paving the way, when I’m moving and traveling “In the Spirit”…Yes… EVERYDAY ’tis the Season to be Thankful….



Today was the day to start the Eviction Process!

I’ve been trying hard to not have to evict one of my tenants for several months now, because of the expense, but she and her boyfriend have been taking our kindness for weakness, and today it STOPS!  I woke up today on Paradise Hill, well rested, and had a chance to lay in bed quietly for a short while. This is usually the time when I give thanks to my Higher Consciousness for allowing me to open my eyes once again, feeling good with no aches or pains, and participate in this wonderful game of LIFE! Within minutes, a thought zapped me like an electrical current….”File the Eviction papers yourself!”  My daughter and I have been putting-off filing Eviction papers because of the usual $700+ costs of using an eviction service provider, and we can’t afford that right now, so this thought seemed to be the PERFECT answer to our non-existent budget… Fill-out and file the Eviction Papers ourselves, so that there are NO additional fees of any kind!  I quickly jumped up, got dressed and drove to my daughter’s home to let her know what I wanted to do.  I had her give me a blank company check and after checking my email and having my warm lemon water, I bee-lined it down to the Superior Court to learn about the eviction filing process, and hopefully be able to pick-up some papers and bring them back to the house.  I was pleased to discover, that the Court already had an “Eviction Package” available, AND they also had a Self-Help Department to help you with the seemingly massive amount of paperwork.  I learned later that much of it was repetitious, making multiple copies of the same forms, but initially, it intimidated, even me for a short time.  I had the opportunity to speak with a nice young man in the Self-Help Department who looked at our 3-Day Notice and made suggestions about how to proceed.

I raced back to the house with the paperwork and information booklet the young man gave me.  My daughter was on her way out the door to go shopping and I made her sign all the paperwork before she left, just in case she didn’t get back in time for me to do the filing (once she starts shopping, it’s ALL OVER!… WE MAY NOT SEE HER UNTIL MIDNIGHT! :-D).  Today is the perfect day to file because the Tenant has 5 calendar days to respond.  So technically, they have to respond with an answer by Monday!  Fat chance for that!!!  If she doesn’t file her answer on time, then I can follow through with a Notice of Default and this will speed up the process immensely!  Still a little intimidated by the vast amount of paperwork in the package I received, I decided to look at some more of the Income and Expense information I had requested for several Apartment complexes on Monday.  After several hours, I decided that I should tackle the eviction papers.  It wasn’t easy but I was finishing filling in all the paperwork according to the instruction booklet by 3:40pm.  I thought the courthouse closed at 4pm so I had pretty much allowed myself to think that I was going to file on Monday, but then a sheet of paper appeared in the courthouse folder, that had the courthouse telephone number written on it!  I called it and the courthouse doesn’t close until 4:30pm!  I knew that I could make it in time to file today, if I hurried!  I worked quickly filling in the last few spaces and checking each copy.  by the time I was finished it was 4:03 and I dashed out the door.  Both my Granddaughter and daughter said that I would not make it and waste gas going down there to just have to turn around and come back….BUT WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY!  I drove safely and arrived at about 4:20, quickly parked on the street, went through the security inspection at the door, and went directly upstairs to the Civil Case Filings.  The lady was very nice and helped me with making sure that everything was correct on the paperwork, even though it was almost 4:30.  I was quite thankful and impressed and let her know that i appreciated her service and extra time that she spent with me.  She even mad 4 copies of the filing when I openly asked for two.  She must have known that I would need them all…and I did!  I had to mail one and post two at the apartment, and one for our files!  I cheerfully drove back to the house so that I could prepare one of the copies for the mail, and go post the other two.  I also called my daughter to let her know that I DID in fact, get there in time to file! :-b 
Needless to say, I was quite pleased with myself for making the deadline, and NOT QUITTING when it seemed that all odds were against me.  It’s been a VERY GOOD day!  “Good things happen for those who ACT!”   

Back in Sync With Me!

As excited as I was to do the One Minute Cure Therapy, I didn’t realize how much it was removing me from my regular pattern of existence until after about 14 days when I started getting weary of the peroxide taste and started ‘chasing’ it with juice.   I like to think of myself as a “free spirit” … essentially doing what I want, when I want, and how I want… especially in the area of food!  So, I sacrificed my “freedom of spirit” to share an important therapy which I think can help anyone who is in ill health.  I hope that the people who REALLY NEED The One Minute Cure get introduced to it, if not by me, another loved one.

I stayed up last night to about 2:30am researching various commercial properties I had tucked away for future analysis.  There were about two dozen that I needed more information on, and about six which I was ready to make offers on when I woke up.  I also had to create an offer that was incising to the sellers because I was asking each of them to do 100% Seller Financing, and wait six months to get their first payment, however, their loan would be amortized for only ten years, rather than the usual 30, so their monthly payments would usually be more than what they were already receiving in cash flow from the property!…(An amazing concept if I do say so myself!)  even though I knew that I would have to go through many sellers to find the one who would go for such a deal,  I was feeling VERY CONFIDENT that that Seller DID EXIST, and was “jazzed’ about the possibility!  

I contemplated going up to Paradise Hill to sleep, but I would only be there for a few hours and be on my way back over here, so I just stayed and rested here for the rest of the night.  Even though I only got a few hours of sleep, I was up early because it was my grandson KJ’s birthday, and I wanted to give him a special hug before he was off to school with his Dad.  as soon as they left, I measured my 32 ounces of water and squeezed some lemon juice into it and put it over a low flame to warm it up for drinking.  While it was getting warm I went down stairs to the computer and checked my emails to see if any of my requests for more information from agents had been returned…and there were about 7 responses!  So I started writing up Letters of Intent and sending them out.  The ink in my printer gave out and I had to use my old signature file to put my signature on my documents that I was emailing.  Technology is WONDERFUL when it works!  it wasn’t long before my granddaughter, kaelyn, woke up, and was calling my name.  I went upstairs and lifted her out of the crib onto the floor and she was “off to the races!”… She’s such a little princess!  Her mother was still home and prepared scrambled eggs with chees for her breaksfast and I added yogurt and juice to that after mommy left for work.  Kaelyn likes to eat and watch her favorite show on TV like Sesame Street, Sid The Science Kid, Martha, and Curious George.  After she was finished eating I took her to her bathroom because it’s always “potty time” after we eat.  The TV goes off, and I turn to the Classical Music Station for her bathroom experience.  In the meantime, I go into the kitchen and start drinking my warm lemon water.  I decided to take a teaspoon of Kelp with it as well, so that I can treat my thyroid right.  After about 30 minutes I ate a sliced apple, and then didn’t eat again until after 3pm.  Meanwhile Kaelyn finished her routine after-breakfast bathroom experience, and was ready to play.  I had a good time communicating with the various agents about their properties.  Some were in Chicago, Florida, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania.  I was proud of how efficiently I communicated with each of them.  I only had to trash about three of the deals because they were beyond hope, or the agent kept trying to give “proforma” financial information rather than “actual” financial information.  one agent even asked me if I had made a typo because the purchase price and the Seller Financing amount was the same number! 😀  I had to explain to him that I was asking the Seller to do 100% Financing for me to buy the property!..I thought that was cute!  i see that I’m in for quite a few laughs with this particular offer.  I might have more to share tomorrow!  By the end of the day I was ready for Richard Geller’s Webinar about finding money for Commerical purposes, either for yourself, or for others and make a commission!!  I realized the importance of what he was offering within the first 15 minutes, and spent the next hour writing every word down like a mad woman!  It was great to find that he had a financing schedule so that I could get his $997 course!  It was funny, but I copied and pasted both of the Missouri deals into the Chat box!  And he started reading it out loud, acknowledging that they both sounded like great deals to him!  Even though I already knew that they are both great deals, I was quite pleased to hear him notice it too!  i’ll probably be going to bed early tonight because of my short rest last night, but it’s been a really GREAT DAY, and I love being BACK IN SYNC with ME!!

Tonight’s Webinar with Richard

Just finished listening to a Richard Geller Webinar about learning how to FIND THE MONEY for Commercial Deals!  A timely brilliant concept!


It was ssoooooo wonderful to get back to my NORMAL eating habits!  I started my day with a quart of warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it.  This cleanses your liver every morning.  When Nanette told me Saturday that my liver was “sluggish” and I needed to purify my blood, I knew EXACTLY what was the cause of that!  I totally stopped my morning liver cleanse ever since starting the One Minute Cure regimen!  I was supposed to figure out where to fit it in, but I never did, and consequently, it was forgotten… until NOW!  That was my first drink in the morning today, and it felt good!  I had a Banana Shake and an apple for breakfast, and I was ready to go!  I calculated the numbers and wrote up a Letter of Interest (LOI) to purchase a nice looking 5-unit Apartment Building here in Los Angeles.  The Seller owns it free-and-clear, so I decided to find out how flexible he was. He wanted 30% down and financing the balance @6.5% for 30 years.  Not bad, if I had some money.  But what I lack in money, I make-up in knowledge!  I wrote the offer up for him doing 100% financing @7.5% amortized for 10 years (to be paid in full!) with the first payment due July 1, 2010!  I was pleasantly surprised when the agent called me back this afternoon, asking if I was able to make a down payment, and how much?  I told him that I might be able to pull in a partner or private Lender with $60,000.  He said that he would present the offer to the Seller either this afternoon, or tomorrow! 😀   Now, that I know that I made a viable offer worthy of consideration, I can calculate and make similar offers in the future!  I’m lovin’ the POSSIBILITIES!!!!!

I enjoyed taking small snacks during the day WITHOUT having to think about the clock!  I’ve been in MY element all day and it felt GREAT getting back to ME!!!  I will be having a big salad with my organic spinach for dinner, and 1/2 teaspoon of Kelp for my thyroid.  As I mentioned before, I have decided to follow Nanette’s suggestions for attaining maximum health, and will be purchasing the suggested Nature Sunshine Products!  It’s been a good day and LIFE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! 😀

DAY 16 & 17 – The One Minute Cure

I woke up quite rested today and excited about my scheduled 9:15am appointment with Nanette, the Iridologist in Van Nuys!  I lingered a bit longer in bed until 7:45am and then I got up and ready for driving to Van Nuys.  Even though I knew the trip would take about 30 minutes, I allocated an hour for possible unforseen delays.  i arrived about 8:35am and medidatated quitely in my car until 9:00.  I was the first one to arrive, and I sat quietly waiting for Nanette to arrive, and my friend Barbara, whose appointment was right before mine  Barbara introduced me to Nanette and these free Iridology readings back in September, when she made my first appointment for October.  I discovered last month that Nanette was very thorough in her readings and I have decided to make a monthly appointment like Barbara, to track my improvements in the areas of concern that Nanette noticed during her readings.  From last month’s reading I discovered that I was Vitamin A deficient, which Nanette said accounts for the sensitivity of my eyes to bright lights of any kind.  I am eating organic spinach almost daily to cure my vitamin A deficiency.  After about one week of eating organic spinach, I could notice that my eyes were less sensitive to lights, especially the sunlight!  She also told me to start taking Kelp to better regulate my thyroid.  Although they recommend Nature’s Sunshine products, I’ve been making my own herbal compounds for too long, (at a much lower price), and got my kelp from my bulk herb store.  This month, though, I will start to get specific Nature Sunshine Products.  Barbara said that if I become a Distributor, I can get the products at a big discount off the price in the store!  I’ll see if I can sign-up this week online.  Nanette told me that my blood needed purifying because my liver was sluggish and suggested a number of Nature Sunshine products including the Tiao He = Cleanse, Liver Support, and N-acetyl-cysteine.

By the time I got over to my daughter’s home to take my first 18 drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, it was after 1pm …AND I was hungry!  So, I prepared the solution and drank it down…holding my breath until I could coat my tongue with a little juice to by-pass the peroxide taste.  Result:  The juice worked like a charm, but I did get that feeling of intoxication after about 15 minutes.  Now, if I were actually sick with a disease, this slight “feeling of intoxication” would probably NOT bother me, but by me NOT being sick, or ill in any way, the novelty of “feeling intoxicated” has worn off, and I am disliking that particular feeling more and more each day!  I did not take anymore doses the rest of the day…AND I did not take any doses today (would be Day 17). 

My main reason for personally performing the One Minute Cure was to show as many people as possible that they had nothing to FEAR by taking internally the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  I hope that I have accomplished at least that, but I don’t think that I can continue with the therapy!  I have a bit of an unorthodox eating pattern (if you haven’t already noticed), such that I try to only eat, when I’m hungry.  So this therapy has changed my eating habits in that I’m constantly having to look at the clock to determine when I should eat, in relation to taking my dosages of Hydrogen Peroxide!  I’ve succeeded in following the therapy for more than two weeks, but I’m not sure if I’m up to complete the entire program because my “inner spirit” is telling me that “enough is enough” and it wants to get back to my “normal” non-routine eating pattern!  I hope that other people who are actually ill will start the One Minute Cure and post their results on my blog at http:// www.YourCancerCure.net

I will continue my research into alternative Cancer Cures and will soon be researching and sharing information about MMS.  So stay tuned!!!

day 15 – The One Minute Cure

Had a good rest and woke up refreshed.   I chose to take Jose the gate keys I got made yesterday before traveling to my daughter’s home.  He called first thing this morning letting me know that the drug dealers were inside the court-way last night because the gate was not locked  We kept it opened because we had not given the new tenants a key for it yet, and they were in the process of moving things into the apartment. After doing that, I drove to my daughter’s home and immediately went to the kitchen to make and take my 17 drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of DISTILLED WATER as described at www.YourCancerCure.netResult: I’ve grown tired of the after-taste and I discovered that if I don’t breathe through my nose, I cannot taste it.  As soon as I breathe through my nose, the Peroxide taste is detected.  So, now I sometimes chase the solution with just enough apple juice to cover my tongue, and swish around in my mouth.  I found that this is sufficient to totally “escape” the peroxide taste all together!  The feeling of intoxication is a  little more intense today than yesterday, but still disappears within the hour.

I checked my email, but I didn’t see any new responses to the 35-Unit Apartment Deal.  I may have to talk about the deal to other investors on other sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  I can try some of the methods I learned ljust last night about target marketing on Twitter and LinkedIn.  My daughter had some errands to do, so I stayed with Kaelyn most of the day.  Because I slept-in a little today, by the time I was ready for Breakfast, Kaelyn was ready to eat her lunch.  I cut up some apples and ate two and let Kaelyn eat one.  Then I made our favorite Banana Shake with Rasberry/Grape/Apple  100% juice Blend, Frozen Strawberries and Blue Berries, two raw eggs, soy milk and protein powder.  As usual, we both enjoyed it immensely.  I even gave Kaelyn a larger cup than normal, and she drank it right down with a little flex-straw.  I was a bit hungrier than usual, so I also had two pieces of Ezekiel Bread toasted with butter, and I was comfortably full.  My granddaughter and I just “hung-out” for most of the afternoon.  At about 4 o’clock I took another 17 drop dose of Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of DISTILLED WATER.   Result: Again, I chased it with just enough juice to coat my tongue and make the taste of the Peroxide disappear.  In about 15 minutes, I could detect a slight feeling of intoxication, but I got back on the computer and didn’t think about it again.

I couldn’t resist eating my daughter’s “marinated chicken that she cooked when she arrived home.  That was about 8pm, which meant that my last 17 drop dose  would be after 11pm.  I ended up taking it about 12:30pm just before driving to check on the apartment, and then to my little shed on Paradise Hill. Result:  I used a little juice again on my tongue to get rid of the taste and ignored the slight feeling of intoxication.  Everything was quiet at the apartments, and from there I drove directly home, thinking along the way how nice it will be to get in bed.  A good day!

DAY 14 – The One Minute Cure

I woke up feeling quite refreshed, even though my eyes could have used some more down-time. I drove to my daughter’s home and immediately went to the kitchen to take my 16 drop dosage of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide  in 6-8 ounces DISTILLED WATER as described at the website www.YourCancerCure.net  Result: The usual after-taste of the peroxide which disappeared after a few minutes, and a slight feeling of intoxication” starting about 15 minutes after drinking the solution. My daughter called and asked me to bring the Pilot over to the insurance provider, so that she could take pictures at 11pm.  I gathered up the baby and some food and drink because we had several stops to make before coming back home.  We  found the directions on Yahoo Maps and drove directly there.  My daughter was already there waiting for the lady to come out with her camera.  She took the pictures and I left to go to the bank, and then to the apartment complex to check the deadbolt lock I had installed yesterday, but wasn’t working properly.   The lock was defective and I went to Home Depot to get another one, and the light fixture for the living room in the 2-Bedroom Apartment.   Today, the Electrician is coming to install GFI switches in the bathroom and kitchen as well as install a new light fixture in the living room ceiling.  He called to see if he could come and do the work earlier than 2pm, so when I was finished at Home Depot, I went back to the Apartment complex to let him into the apartment.  I left him working and I went to replace the defective deadbolt lock at another apartment.  When I finished, I asked the electrician to send us a bill and twist-lock the door handle when he was ready to leave.  I didn’t notice that it was after 2pm until I returned to the house and droe into the garage.  It was time to pick-up KJ from school already, so I didn’t even come inside (much to my granddaughter’s dismay), and went directly to his school.  I had brought snacks with us in the truck for Kaelyn, and she was happy to see them because it was definitely past her lunchtime!  We were early, so we parked and sat in the truck listening to Ray Charles’s “Genius Loves Company” CD.  At 3:04pm we walked down the street to KJ’s school to pick him up.  He had a good day at school and was in good spirits.  They both played on the way back to the truck.

As soon as we arrived back at the house,  I quickly went and prepared another 16 drop dose  of Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of distilled water.  Result: After-taste disappeared within minutes as usual, and the slight feeling of intoxication was present after about 15 minutes, but disappeared after about one hour.   All I had left to do for the day was some computer work, listen to a Webinar at 5pm and help KJ with his mother’s homework.  The evening progressed as planned.  My granddaughter, Lashee prepared dinner and I ate that about 8pm, and that automatically means that the last 16-drop dose will be taken after 11pm.  Result: I ended up taking it at about 1am just before I left for home, and the feeling of intoxication was so slight that I hardly noticed it.  Another great productive day, and time now for another nice quiet night on Paradise Hill.

Day 13 – The One Minute Cure

I stayed up until about 2:30 am sending emails to my investors about the 35-unit, now that I have an OFFICIAL SIGNED CONTRACT to purchase it!  I sent them a copy of the contract, an Assignment Contract and the Requirements of the Loan Assumption from the Bank.  My daughter and grandson were ready to leave when I finally got up.  What was nice was that my granddaughter was sleeping late this morning too and hadn’t woke up yet.  I went into the kitchen and prepared today’s 15-drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as described in my blog at www.YourCancerCure.net   I made sure to take my time and carefully count the drops this morning, unlike yesterday.  Result: The after-taste was there as usual and disappeared after a few minutes, and I had a very faint feeling of intoxication which lasted about one hour.  As I mentioned before, I don’t like feeling intoxicated because it indicates to me that I am NOT in full control of my senses, but I think I’m getting a little used to it, since I realize that this is a one-time event with this therapy.  Once I go up to the 25-drop maximum and back down to the maintenance level of 3-drop doses, I expect that at that low dosage, I should not have any type of intoxication instances again…at least, that is what I am predicting. 

The day progressed well and I managed to go and change a lock for one tenant and make keys for the new tenants, and deliver them to Mr. Thompson’s son.  The electrician could not make it today, so he will have to come tomorrow afternoon to put in the GFI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom and the livingroom ceiling light fixture.  Jose said that the drainpipe from the kitchen needed to be changed from galvanized to PVC pipe because it had a lot of black “guck” in it near the “cleanout”.  I gave him another Home Depot Gift card so that he could purchase whatever he needed.  When I returned to the house, I took another 15-drop dose of the Peroxide solution and left almost immediately to pick-up my grandson, KJ from school.  Result: I was hoping that I would not have one of those “intoxication experiences”, and I didn’t!

The evening went well, with me helping KJ with his mother’s homework, and playing with my granddaughter, Kaelyn.  Lashee (my 19-year old granddaughter) prepared a good dinner that we all enjoyed.  I knew it was rather late (8pm), but I ate it anyway, knowing that I would be taking my last 15-drop dose after 11pm.  that worked out fine and just before going home at 11:30pm I took my final 15-drop dose of the day. Result: Again, I was driving right after drinking the solution, and I had no problem with the drive home.  My eyes were tired and hurting from lack of sleep, so it was nice to go home to Paradise hill and get a good night’s sleep!…A good day

DAY 12 – The One Minute Cure

I woke-up ready to get a lot accomplished today!  I needed to make sure the carpet got laid in the 2-Bedroom Apartment, and all the windows fixed.  I also needed to find the unusual light bulbs for the bathroom light fixture.  When I arrived at my daughter’s home, I went straight to the kitchen for preparing my 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide solution as described in my blog at www.YourCancerCure.net  I was pre-occupied with my thoughts and accidentally put 17 drops of Peroxide in my 6-8 ounces of water instead of today’s scheduled 14 drops!   Result: I had the usual after-taste and after a few minutes, I felt intoxicated, and that feeling lasted for about 90 minutes!  I must remember to relax, slow down, and focus on the process when preparing these solutions, especially since I don’t like to feel intoxicated.  Afterwards, I went right to the computer to check my email and decided to initiate my participation in a website marketing program called THE EDGE with Ed Dale.  It’s Ed’s company that offered the 30-Day Challenge for want-to-be Internet Marketers. I found that training to be quite exceptionally good and is one of the reasons that I started my blog at www.YourCancerCure.net!  I was pleased to get a call from the Attorney in Missouri where the two properties are located.  He let me know that the contract look standard, and as long as the loan was truly assumable, it was fine.  That made me feel good and I will sign and send copies back to the seller tomorrow.

My granddaughter was sleeping late this morning, so by the time she woke up, an hour had passed since I drank my Peroxide solution, and I prepared our favorite Banana Shake for breakfast.  Today, we could drink it together.  Jose called me around 9am to remind me that I needed to come and give access to the apartment for the carpet installers.  I assured him that I would be there, and left about 9:40am to get there by 10:00am.  When I arrived, the installer was knocking on the door, and I let him inside.  I gave him my business card so that he could call me when he was finished, and I would come back to check his work.  I went back home and listened to the Immediate Edge training material with Ed Dale.  They have an interesting website here  http://www.immediateedge.com/idev/idevaffiliate.php?id=548  After a couple of hours, I took my granddaughter with me to get the unsual light bulbs form Capital Electric.  I had never noticed them before, but I could tell that they were well established.  I purchased the light bulbs and decided to go straight to the apartment, so I could check on the carpet and give the light bulbs to Jose for installing in the bathroom.  Also, the Glass repair man from Tony’s Glass was supposed to come back to finish is work.  When I got back into the truck, I called the tenant and left the message that tomorrow afternoon, I will deliver the keys to them, so they can begin moving in their belongings. I stayed just a short while because my granddaughter fell asleep, and left and came back to the house. 

When I arrived at the house, I CAREFULLY took a 14-drop dose of the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of water, and waited an hour before eating some almonds and a sandwich.  Result:  A very slight feeling of intoxication, like yesterday, and I avoided the peroxide taste all together by chasing the solution with a little apple juice.  I don’t think that I can continue doing that because it may react with the Peroxide and reduce its effectiveness.  I kept snacking into the evening, so I didn’t get to take my third dose this evening.  I’ll regulate my meals a little better tomorrow, so I don’t get into the late hours.  I decided to send out an email blast to the Investors, attaching a copy of the signed contract, the Assignment Contract, and the Banks requirements for assuming the loan.  I hope that the REAL investors will stand-up and respond before the week is out!  All, in all, it was a productive day!

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