DAY 7 – The One Minute Cure

Today, was full of excitement!  I put in two offers yesterday to purchase a 15-unit and a 35-unit Apartment Building, and they were BOTH ACCEPTED by the Seller!  0
As much as I would love to make a $20,000 Assignment Fee for each property, I have two Associates who want to partner with me on all the deals and purchased and  long-term cash flow.

Nevertheless, I was still somewhat elated this morning before taking the first 9-drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 months.  With no errands to run this morning, I took all three doses within about two hours. Result:   There was no feeling of “intoxication”, and I was very pleased.  Continued reading of the book “One Minute Cure” revealed that it is good to be relaxed and calm when taking the doses of Hydrogen Peroxide, for maximum absorption at the cellular level.  Being stressed in any way will cause the cells to “close-up” and not absorb the oxygen.  So remember to be stay calm, cool and collected when taking your doses as described on my blog at!


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