Good Morning, everyone!  Last night, when I went home, I noticed that the key insert of my deadbolt lock was inverted, and as I expected someone had entered my shed.  But it seems that they just looked around, opened a few boxes and didn’t bother anything, so no harm, no foul.  I had a good night’s sleep, listening to the crickets. When I arrived at my daughter’s home this morning I went straight to the kitchen and prepared my ten-drop solution of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Distilled water as described at my blog  Result:  The after-taste came and disappeared in a few minutes as usual, but today, I am getting the feeling of “intoxication” from just this one dose!  So now, it seems that I have to be more careful about how I space the subsequent doses because I don’t want to have to drive too soon after either dose.  I’ll keep you posted!


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