Conclusion of Day 8 – The One Minute Cure

I managed to schedule and take the other two 10-drop doses of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide right before lunch and dinner.  I see that eating three meals a day helps to regulate the time, and even though I sometimes skip meals,  I will fall into the 3-meal routine, just  for the purpose of keeping the doses on schedule.  Dmitri called and he asked me how I was feeling today with the dosage of 10 drops.  I told him about the intoxication feeling almost immediately after taking a solution with 10 drops, and that I expect it to increase as the dosage increases.  Tomorrow, is Saturday, and I won’t have to do much driving, if any.  I filled out the Commercial Real Estate Sales Contract and emailed it back to him for review.  We should have it signed by Monday, and then the clock will begin to tick for the 30-day Due Diligence and Inspection period!  The Seller wants to close by December 31, 2009, so I’m going to work hard to make that happen.


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