Day 9 – The One Minute Cure

I woke up to the telephone ringing this morning, but I missed the call and they didn’t leave a message.  It was about 8:00 so since I was still at my daughter’s home, I decided to stay up and start my day. I was scheduled to attend a 9:00 am Live Webinar with Tom Kish talking about obtaining Credit Lines and Credit Cards for your business.  Today is an 11-drop per dose day, and I immediately went to the kitchen and poured my 6-8 ounces DISTILLED WATER and carefully dropped in the 11 drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  For those of you who may be new to my posts, I’m following the directions for the One Minute Cure described in my blog at  Result:   At this dosage I fully expected to feel more intoxicated today than yesterday, but I did not.  In fact, there was just a very faint feeling that I detected.  It was almost unnoticeable!  I fired-up my computer to check my emails and prepare for the webinar.  I fully expected to see the Seller’s signed contracts for purchasing the 15-Unit and 35-Unit in an email this morning, but they were not there.  Then I also remembered that I was supposed to get the bathtub in one of the apartments re-glazed today in preparation of the new tenants.  after a few minutes, I found the Apartment Magazine where I saw the re-glazing ad and started looking through it.  I was surprised to see that in this issue, there were three or four Companies advertising  the same service.  I first dialed the one with an 818# that was offering a 5-year guarantee, but I did not get an answer.  Then I saw the ad that I had seen before, which was a sale for $179.00, but it only had a 2-year guarantee.  I was not pleased to see that, but I remember the last time we had one of the bathtubs re-glazed, it cost $300-$350, and I knew that we could not afford to spend that much this time.  So while I was dialing the number for the $179.00  2-year guarantee company, the call waiting feature on the telephone sounded, and I clicked over.  It was the first company that I called with the 5-year guarantee, and he said that he usually charged $225.00, but today he would do it for $200!  I was elated to hear that and asked him if he could do it today!  He said that he could be there at 11:00am, and I said fine!  I watched the webinar and the Business Credit Course was on sale for $647, a $350 discount off his usual price!  I told my daughter, I thought that we should purchase the course, since her husband, Kirk, is starting his own consulting business, and I my credit is so bad after losing all of my savings and income (at the same time), that if I want to have any credit at all, I will have to do it through my business.  Also, since I now know that the Arbitrage trading Program produces 6% and 7.5% interest each week, I can easily pay back ANY business loan amount that I acquire!  I’m hoping that my daughter also sees the value in this information and orders the course on her credit card.  Tom offered good information during the Webinar, but I had to leave towards the end so that I could meet the bath tub Re-glazing man at the apartment.  When I arrived, Jose had a new worker who was working on finishing the staircase to the newly rented apartment.  While talking to Jose, I noticed that he had what looked like a newly-formed cold sore on his chin.  It wasn’t until later that I remembered that Jose was doing the One Minute Cure too, and the Hydrogen Peroxide was killing the bacteria and his body was pushing the toxins out through his skin, just like they said would happen in the directions!!!  He was quite pleased to hear that, because he said he didn’t know what it was!  It’s going to be a sheer joy to help all of my friends and family to become  DISEASE-FREE!   This life-journey is absolutely WONDERFUL, and I’m so happy that many of my new FaceBook and Twitter friends already know that fact!

The rest of the day was interesting.  Jose and I went over to Smooth Carpet and arranged for the new carpet to be installed in the apartment on Tuesday.  On the way Jose expressed concern that someone using a ladder was coming in and out the apartment upstairs over the last few nights.  I’m almost certain that it is Tommy, Charro’s boyfriend, but I told him that I would go into the apartment this afternoon and lock all the windows, to secure the apartment.   By the time that we finished arranging for the carpet installation and returned, Ramiro was almost finished re-glazing the tub and he called me, while I was on the way back to the house to get another Home Depot Gift Card for Jose.  While I was at the house, I took another 11-drop dose of Hydrogen Peroxide, and jumped back into the car and drove back to the apartment.  I was a little hesitant about driving right after taking the solution, but then I remembered that I hardly felt any intoxication with the first dose earlier in the morning.  Result: I had no trouble driving at all, because the feeling was about the same intensity as the earlier dose: almost negligible.   When I arrived, Ramiro was writing my invoice.  The bathtub looked brand new, and I thanked Ramiro for doing such a good job!!  I paid him with a $200.00 company check and told him that we would be using him again because he does such good work, AND with a five-year guarantee!  Jose was impressed too and took one of his business cards.  I left, and went to Tony’s Glass to schedule him coming and repairing all the windows for the apartment.  He said that he will send someone on Monday morning.  I left going towards the house, but remembered when I stopped at the gas station that I was supposed to secure the upstairs apartment by closing and locking all the windows.  I turned around and went back.  Jose put the ladder up, so that I could discreetly climb up and enter the apartment.  Unfortunately, all the windows locked except for the one over the garage, which was the one that was being used for entrance into the apartment.  While I was trying to force the window closed, Tommy drove up in his truck, and got out calling my name.  It seems that one of his “watch dogs” across the street saw me go into the apartment and called him while I was inside.  When I came down, he asked me what I was doing in the apartment, and I told him that I was securing it by closing and locking all the windows because someone had been seen using a ladder to enter the apartment at night.  He let me know that he was the one coming and climbing up there at night because he didn’t have anywhere to sleep, and he didn’t want to sleep in his truck another night.  I let him know that because he was not on the lease that he had no legal right to be in the apartment at all, even though I know that when the rent was getting paid that a lot of it was his money.   I also let him know that the neighbors were saying that he and Charro were selling drugs out of the apartment, and that I was NOT going to allow that to continue!  He denied it, but I know for a fact that it is true.  I let him know that I have no problem calling the Sheriff, so if he wants to keep coming in there, that’s what will happen.  I let him know that Charro needed to call me, so that we can come to a complete understanding about the situation.  He left and I left for home.  When I arrived at the house, I checked my email and was pleased to find an email from the Seller with two signed contracts attached!  I was quite pleased to receive them, and called Garth to let him know the good news.  Garth, Rozalinda and I will be meeting tomorrow to see if we can plan the purchase of these two properties as a partnership between the three of us.  As much as I would love to be part owners of the two properties with them as my partners, I let them know a couple days ago, when we had lunch together, if another investor was willing to pay the $20,000 Assignment Fee, that I would have to take it because I want to start building my cash base again so that I can start earning 7.5% interest EVERY WEEK on that $20,000 in the Arbitrage Trading Program.  That would be about $1500 a week and I could really start knocking down some debt with that kind of money!

I fell asleep after eating lunch about 4pm.  When I woke up, it was after 8:00pm, and my granddaughter informed me that my telephone had been ringing off the hook!  I remembered to take my  I thought that it might have been Charro calling, but it was Jose.  When my daughter and son-in-law came home, I recapped the entire day with them.  I’m rather tired, so I’m going home so that I can sleep late tomorrow morning before my 1pm meeting with Garth and Rozalinda.  It’s been a very productive day, and I am thankful for all the blessings in it! 


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