DAY 10 – The One Minute Cure

It was nice to wake up late today at 9:45 am and take my cherished walk to the top of Paradise Hill.  The sun was shining brightly, and the walk was especially nice since I did not get the opportunity to visit last weekend.  After visualizing the home that I want to build on that particular spot, I sat down and meditated for about one-hal hour and then walked back down to my little shed.  The only thin I have scheduled for today is a 1:00 pm meeting with Garth and Rozalinda to analyze the two deals for which I just received the signed purchase Contracts.  They want to see if we can partner and make these purchases, rather than me Assigning them to someone else for an Assignment Fee.  I prepared my things and drove to my daughter’s home.  I arrived about 11:45 and I quickly prepared my first 12-drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide solution as described in my blog at .  I planned my morning walk and traveling time, so that I would get here in enough time to take the dosage, wait an hour and then eat breakfast before I left for the meeting.  Result:  Like yesterday, I only noticed a slight feeling of intoxication after drinking the solution down.  The Peroxide taste lingered only for a few minutes and was gone.  The scheduling worked well, and at 12:30 I was preparing my breakfast of two sunny-side eggs with Imitation Bacon Bits sprinkled on top and two pieces of Ezekiel Sprouted Toast with butter…DELICIOUS!  Garth called and said that he was running about  30 minutes late, and I was relieved because I would have had to rush to get there by 1 o’clock.  He also asked me if I had the address of the 104 unit property, and I didn’t have it readily available, so I told him that I’d call him back with that address.  I went downstairs and fired-up the computer to grab the address from the property website an called him with the address.  Since I had a little extra time, I checked my email and then prepared to go over to the hotel for the meeting.  I was the first to arrive and I called Garth to see if he was already there.  He said that he was about five minutes away and directed my to the library where we would be meeting.  I went and spread my papers on the round table and made myself comfortable.  It was a very comfortable place and had a lot of interesting books on the shelves to read. 

When Garth and Rozalinda arrived we got right to work with the analysis information.  Garth brought his computer and we were able to utilize the software from David Lindahl.  I wrote down a list of questions that arose during the session and at by 6:00 pm we were finished.  When I returned to my daughter’s house I immediately took my second 12-drop dose of the Hydrogen Peroxide and got on the computer to email the questions to the Seller.  After about an hour, I took another 12-drop dose  so that I could eat dinner at about 9:00 pm (which is really too late to be eating, but I didn’t want to feel any nausea like before.) Result: Just a slight feeling of intoxication for each dose, but after about 30 minutes the feeling was gone.    My granddaughter had prepared a shrimp and pasta dish, and I had that with my organic spinach for dinner. I took some time and watched a movie with her about a mother and daughter changing places behind a fortune cookie.  It starred Jaime Lee Curtis, who I like and was quite enjoyable!  I checked my email once again and said “Good night” to the family.  It was about 10:30pm which is unusually early for me to be leaving for the hill, but I wanted to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow.  I have to visit the bank and make sure everything works well for the new tenant to occupy the apartment by Wednesday.   I am thankful for this good productive relaxing day!


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