Day 11 – The One Minute Cure

I woke up with a phone call and immediately drove to my daughter’s home to start the day.  Today I must do a few important things: 1) Fax the Commercial Purchase contract to the Attorney for review 2)  Make sure that all the windows in the 2-bedroom apartment get repaired, and 3) Get the information from the bank about the Loan Assumption process for the purchases of the 15-unit and 35-unit properties, and 4) Get purchase the mini-blinds so that Jose can install them after all the windows are repaired.  As soon as I entered the house, I poured my 6-8 ounces of DISTILLED WATER in a glass and added 13 drops of 35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide into the water, and drank it down as described on my blog at   www.YourCancerCure.netResult: The usual peroxide after-taste was detected and disappeared after a few minutes, and again, I felt a slight feeling of “intoxication” which disappeared after about one hour.  I went to work calling the glass company, making sure that our apartment was on their schedule today for window repair.  I fed my granddaughter and after an hour, had my breakfast favorite,  Banana shake with a banana, frozen strawberries and blueberries, soy milk and apple juice, one raw egg and some protein powder. Kaelyn loves Banana shakes, so I gave her a full cup with a straw.  As she ate her cereal, I went downstairs to call Pre-Paid Legal and let them know that I had a contract to be reviewed.  Even though they give you an 8-hour window for an attorney to return the call, the attorneys have been calling back within a few hours.  That was the way it worked this morning, and before it was time to leave the house, an attorney called me and gave me her fax number so that I could fax the contract!  After that, I was ready  to go with Jose to Home Depot and purchase the mini-blinds for the apartment.  Afterwards, I was almost on the way to the bank in Glendale when my daughter called and reminded me that I needed to get some food from the house for Kaelyn to snack on, if I was going all the way to Glendale.  So I came to the house to pick-up some snacks, and decided to take a second 13-drop dose of Hydrogen Peroxide in DISTILLED WATER.  RESULT:  I’m beginning to dislike the peroxide after-taste more and more as the number of drops increase, so I’m starting to “chase” the solution with a mouthful of apple juice.  I also decided to try calling the bank one last time before leaving, and  FINALLY, I got to speak to a live person!  The operator said that she had passed both messages I made last week to the Assumption Department, and was surprised that no one had called me back!  Long story, short, I did finally get to speak with the Assumption Dept. representative and she said they would need a signed Authorization Letter from the seller to divulge any information about the loans to me.  I quickly got on the computer and sent him an email before going to pick-up my grandson from school.  By the time I got back home, he had emailed me and indicated that he had sent the required Authorization!…I love this technology and people who use it efficiently!!!  I quickly emailed the representative to verify and asked that she email all the information to me.  It seems that there are different requirements based on the type of entity that is making the purchase!  I let her know that I did not know which type of entity would be chosen to make the purchase as of yet, so I would need for her to describe all of the possible scenarios.  I hope to hear from her tomorrow.

As for my remaining dose, I will wait until 7pm to take it, because I made a meal of raw peanuts about 4:30pm


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