DAY 12 – The One Minute Cure

I woke-up ready to get a lot accomplished today!  I needed to make sure the carpet got laid in the 2-Bedroom Apartment, and all the windows fixed.  I also needed to find the unusual light bulbs for the bathroom light fixture.  When I arrived at my daughter’s home, I went straight to the kitchen for preparing my 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide solution as described in my blog at  I was pre-occupied with my thoughts and accidentally put 17 drops of Peroxide in my 6-8 ounces of water instead of today’s scheduled 14 drops!   Result: I had the usual after-taste and after a few minutes, I felt intoxicated, and that feeling lasted for about 90 minutes!  I must remember to relax, slow down, and focus on the process when preparing these solutions, especially since I don’t like to feel intoxicated.  Afterwards, I went right to the computer to check my email and decided to initiate my participation in a website marketing program called THE EDGE with Ed Dale.  It’s Ed’s company that offered the 30-Day Challenge for want-to-be Internet Marketers. I found that training to be quite exceptionally good and is one of the reasons that I started my blog at!  I was pleased to get a call from the Attorney in Missouri where the two properties are located.  He let me know that the contract look standard, and as long as the loan was truly assumable, it was fine.  That made me feel good and I will sign and send copies back to the seller tomorrow.

My granddaughter was sleeping late this morning, so by the time she woke up, an hour had passed since I drank my Peroxide solution, and I prepared our favorite Banana Shake for breakfast.  Today, we could drink it together.  Jose called me around 9am to remind me that I needed to come and give access to the apartment for the carpet installers.  I assured him that I would be there, and left about 9:40am to get there by 10:00am.  When I arrived, the installer was knocking on the door, and I let him inside.  I gave him my business card so that he could call me when he was finished, and I would come back to check his work.  I went back home and listened to the Immediate Edge training material with Ed Dale.  They have an interesting website here  After a couple of hours, I took my granddaughter with me to get the unsual light bulbs form Capital Electric.  I had never noticed them before, but I could tell that they were well established.  I purchased the light bulbs and decided to go straight to the apartment, so I could check on the carpet and give the light bulbs to Jose for installing in the bathroom.  Also, the Glass repair man from Tony’s Glass was supposed to come back to finish is work.  When I got back into the truck, I called the tenant and left the message that tomorrow afternoon, I will deliver the keys to them, so they can begin moving in their belongings. I stayed just a short while because my granddaughter fell asleep, and left and came back to the house. 

When I arrived at the house, I CAREFULLY took a 14-drop dose of the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of water, and waited an hour before eating some almonds and a sandwich.  Result:  A very slight feeling of intoxication, like yesterday, and I avoided the peroxide taste all together by chasing the solution with a little apple juice.  I don’t think that I can continue doing that because it may react with the Peroxide and reduce its effectiveness.  I kept snacking into the evening, so I didn’t get to take my third dose this evening.  I’ll regulate my meals a little better tomorrow, so I don’t get into the late hours.  I decided to send out an email blast to the Investors, attaching a copy of the signed contract, the Assignment Contract, and the Banks requirements for assuming the loan.  I hope that the REAL investors will stand-up and respond before the week is out!  All, in all, it was a productive day!

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