Day 13 – The One Minute Cure

I stayed up until about 2:30 am sending emails to my investors about the 35-unit, now that I have an OFFICIAL SIGNED CONTRACT to purchase it!  I sent them a copy of the contract, an Assignment Contract and the Requirements of the Loan Assumption from the Bank.  My daughter and grandson were ready to leave when I finally got up.  What was nice was that my granddaughter was sleeping late this morning too and hadn’t woke up yet.  I went into the kitchen and prepared today’s 15-drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as described in my blog at   I made sure to take my time and carefully count the drops this morning, unlike yesterday.  Result: The after-taste was there as usual and disappeared after a few minutes, and I had a very faint feeling of intoxication which lasted about one hour.  As I mentioned before, I don’t like feeling intoxicated because it indicates to me that I am NOT in full control of my senses, but I think I’m getting a little used to it, since I realize that this is a one-time event with this therapy.  Once I go up to the 25-drop maximum and back down to the maintenance level of 3-drop doses, I expect that at that low dosage, I should not have any type of intoxication instances again…at least, that is what I am predicting. 

The day progressed well and I managed to go and change a lock for one tenant and make keys for the new tenants, and deliver them to Mr. Thompson’s son.  The electrician could not make it today, so he will have to come tomorrow afternoon to put in the GFI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom and the livingroom ceiling light fixture.  Jose said that the drainpipe from the kitchen needed to be changed from galvanized to PVC pipe because it had a lot of black “guck” in it near the “cleanout”.  I gave him another Home Depot Gift card so that he could purchase whatever he needed.  When I returned to the house, I took another 15-drop dose of the Peroxide solution and left almost immediately to pick-up my grandson, KJ from school.  Result: I was hoping that I would not have one of those “intoxication experiences”, and I didn’t!

The evening went well, with me helping KJ with his mother’s homework, and playing with my granddaughter, Kaelyn.  Lashee (my 19-year old granddaughter) prepared a good dinner that we all enjoyed.  I knew it was rather late (8pm), but I ate it anyway, knowing that I would be taking my last 15-drop dose after 11pm.  that worked out fine and just before going home at 11:30pm I took my final 15-drop dose of the day. Result: Again, I was driving right after drinking the solution, and I had no problem with the drive home.  My eyes were tired and hurting from lack of sleep, so it was nice to go home to Paradise hill and get a good night’s sleep!…A good day


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