DAY 14 – The One Minute Cure

I woke up feeling quite refreshed, even though my eyes could have used some more down-time. I drove to my daughter’s home and immediately went to the kitchen to take my 16 drop dosage of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide  in 6-8 ounces DISTILLED WATER as described at the website  Result: The usual after-taste of the peroxide which disappeared after a few minutes, and a slight feeling of intoxication” starting about 15 minutes after drinking the solution. My daughter called and asked me to bring the Pilot over to the insurance provider, so that she could take pictures at 11pm.  I gathered up the baby and some food and drink because we had several stops to make before coming back home.  We  found the directions on Yahoo Maps and drove directly there.  My daughter was already there waiting for the lady to come out with her camera.  She took the pictures and I left to go to the bank, and then to the apartment complex to check the deadbolt lock I had installed yesterday, but wasn’t working properly.   The lock was defective and I went to Home Depot to get another one, and the light fixture for the living room in the 2-Bedroom Apartment.   Today, the Electrician is coming to install GFI switches in the bathroom and kitchen as well as install a new light fixture in the living room ceiling.  He called to see if he could come and do the work earlier than 2pm, so when I was finished at Home Depot, I went back to the Apartment complex to let him into the apartment.  I left him working and I went to replace the defective deadbolt lock at another apartment.  When I finished, I asked the electrician to send us a bill and twist-lock the door handle when he was ready to leave.  I didn’t notice that it was after 2pm until I returned to the house and droe into the garage.  It was time to pick-up KJ from school already, so I didn’t even come inside (much to my granddaughter’s dismay), and went directly to his school.  I had brought snacks with us in the truck for Kaelyn, and she was happy to see them because it was definitely past her lunchtime!  We were early, so we parked and sat in the truck listening to Ray Charles’s “Genius Loves Company” CD.  At 3:04pm we walked down the street to KJ’s school to pick him up.  He had a good day at school and was in good spirits.  They both played on the way back to the truck.

As soon as we arrived back at the house,  I quickly went and prepared another 16 drop dose  of Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of distilled water.  Result: After-taste disappeared within minutes as usual, and the slight feeling of intoxication was present after about 15 minutes, but disappeared after about one hour.   All I had left to do for the day was some computer work, listen to a Webinar at 5pm and help KJ with his mother’s homework.  The evening progressed as planned.  My granddaughter, Lashee prepared dinner and I ate that about 8pm, and that automatically means that the last 16-drop dose will be taken after 11pm.  Result: I ended up taking it at about 1am just before I left for home, and the feeling of intoxication was so slight that I hardly noticed it.  Another great productive day, and time now for another nice quiet night on Paradise Hill.


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