day 15 – The One Minute Cure

Had a good rest and woke up refreshed.   I chose to take Jose the gate keys I got made yesterday before traveling to my daughter’s home.  He called first thing this morning letting me know that the drug dealers were inside the court-way last night because the gate was not locked  We kept it opened because we had not given the new tenants a key for it yet, and they were in the process of moving things into the apartment. After doing that, I drove to my daughter’s home and immediately went to the kitchen to make and take my 17 drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of DISTILLED WATER as described at www.YourCancerCure.netResult: I’ve grown tired of the after-taste and I discovered that if I don’t breathe through my nose, I cannot taste it.  As soon as I breathe through my nose, the Peroxide taste is detected.  So, now I sometimes chase the solution with just enough apple juice to cover my tongue, and swish around in my mouth.  I found that this is sufficient to totally “escape” the peroxide taste all together!  The feeling of intoxication is a  little more intense today than yesterday, but still disappears within the hour.

I checked my email, but I didn’t see any new responses to the 35-Unit Apartment Deal.  I may have to talk about the deal to other investors on other sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  I can try some of the methods I learned ljust last night about target marketing on Twitter and LinkedIn.  My daughter had some errands to do, so I stayed with Kaelyn most of the day.  Because I slept-in a little today, by the time I was ready for Breakfast, Kaelyn was ready to eat her lunch.  I cut up some apples and ate two and let Kaelyn eat one.  Then I made our favorite Banana Shake with Rasberry/Grape/Apple  100% juice Blend, Frozen Strawberries and Blue Berries, two raw eggs, soy milk and protein powder.  As usual, we both enjoyed it immensely.  I even gave Kaelyn a larger cup than normal, and she drank it right down with a little flex-straw.  I was a bit hungrier than usual, so I also had two pieces of Ezekiel Bread toasted with butter, and I was comfortably full.  My granddaughter and I just “hung-out” for most of the afternoon.  At about 4 o’clock I took another 17 drop dose of Hydrogen Peroxide in 6-8 ounces of DISTILLED WATER.   Result: Again, I chased it with just enough juice to coat my tongue and make the taste of the Peroxide disappear.  In about 15 minutes, I could detect a slight feeling of intoxication, but I got back on the computer and didn’t think about it again.

I couldn’t resist eating my daughter’s “marinated chicken that she cooked when she arrived home.  That was about 8pm, which meant that my last 17 drop dose  would be after 11pm.  I ended up taking it about 12:30pm just before driving to check on the apartment, and then to my little shed on Paradise Hill. Result:  I used a little juice again on my tongue to get rid of the taste and ignored the slight feeling of intoxication.  Everything was quiet at the apartments, and from there I drove directly home, thinking along the way how nice it will be to get in bed.  A good day!


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