DAY 16 & 17 – The One Minute Cure

I woke up quite rested today and excited about my scheduled 9:15am appointment with Nanette, the Iridologist in Van Nuys!  I lingered a bit longer in bed until 7:45am and then I got up and ready for driving to Van Nuys.  Even though I knew the trip would take about 30 minutes, I allocated an hour for possible unforseen delays.  i arrived about 8:35am and medidatated quitely in my car until 9:00.  I was the first one to arrive, and I sat quietly waiting for Nanette to arrive, and my friend Barbara, whose appointment was right before mine  Barbara introduced me to Nanette and these free Iridology readings back in September, when she made my first appointment for October.  I discovered last month that Nanette was very thorough in her readings and I have decided to make a monthly appointment like Barbara, to track my improvements in the areas of concern that Nanette noticed during her readings.  From last month’s reading I discovered that I was Vitamin A deficient, which Nanette said accounts for the sensitivity of my eyes to bright lights of any kind.  I am eating organic spinach almost daily to cure my vitamin A deficiency.  After about one week of eating organic spinach, I could notice that my eyes were less sensitive to lights, especially the sunlight!  She also told me to start taking Kelp to better regulate my thyroid.  Although they recommend Nature’s Sunshine products, I’ve been making my own herbal compounds for too long, (at a much lower price), and got my kelp from my bulk herb store.  This month, though, I will start to get specific Nature Sunshine Products.  Barbara said that if I become a Distributor, I can get the products at a big discount off the price in the store!  I’ll see if I can sign-up this week online.  Nanette told me that my blood needed purifying because my liver was sluggish and suggested a number of Nature Sunshine products including the Tiao He = Cleanse, Liver Support, and N-acetyl-cysteine.

By the time I got over to my daughter’s home to take my first 18 drop dose of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, it was after 1pm …AND I was hungry!  So, I prepared the solution and drank it down…holding my breath until I could coat my tongue with a little juice to by-pass the peroxide taste.  Result:  The juice worked like a charm, but I did get that feeling of intoxication after about 15 minutes.  Now, if I were actually sick with a disease, this slight “feeling of intoxication” would probably NOT bother me, but by me NOT being sick, or ill in any way, the novelty of “feeling intoxicated” has worn off, and I am disliking that particular feeling more and more each day!  I did not take anymore doses the rest of the day…AND I did not take any doses today (would be Day 17). 

My main reason for personally performing the One Minute Cure was to show as many people as possible that they had nothing to FEAR by taking internally the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  I hope that I have accomplished at least that, but I don’t think that I can continue with the therapy!  I have a bit of an unorthodox eating pattern (if you haven’t already noticed), such that I try to only eat, when I’m hungry.  So this therapy has changed my eating habits in that I’m constantly having to look at the clock to determine when I should eat, in relation to taking my dosages of Hydrogen Peroxide!  I’ve succeeded in following the therapy for more than two weeks, but I’m not sure if I’m up to complete the entire program because my “inner spirit” is telling me that “enough is enough” and it wants to get back to my “normal” non-routine eating pattern!  I hope that other people who are actually ill will start the One Minute Cure and post their results on my blog at http://

I will continue my research into alternative Cancer Cures and will soon be researching and sharing information about MMS.  So stay tuned!!!


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