It was ssoooooo wonderful to get back to my NORMAL eating habits!  I started my day with a quart of warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in it.  This cleanses your liver every morning.  When Nanette told me Saturday that my liver was “sluggish” and I needed to purify my blood, I knew EXACTLY what was the cause of that!  I totally stopped my morning liver cleanse ever since starting the One Minute Cure regimen!  I was supposed to figure out where to fit it in, but I never did, and consequently, it was forgotten… until NOW!  That was my first drink in the morning today, and it felt good!  I had a Banana Shake and an apple for breakfast, and I was ready to go!  I calculated the numbers and wrote up a Letter of Interest (LOI) to purchase a nice looking 5-unit Apartment Building here in Los Angeles.  The Seller owns it free-and-clear, so I decided to find out how flexible he was. He wanted 30% down and financing the balance @6.5% for 30 years.  Not bad, if I had some money.  But what I lack in money, I make-up in knowledge!  I wrote the offer up for him doing 100% financing @7.5% amortized for 10 years (to be paid in full!) with the first payment due July 1, 2010!  I was pleasantly surprised when the agent called me back this afternoon, asking if I was able to make a down payment, and how much?  I told him that I might be able to pull in a partner or private Lender with $60,000.  He said that he would present the offer to the Seller either this afternoon, or tomorrow! 😀   Now, that I know that I made a viable offer worthy of consideration, I can calculate and make similar offers in the future!  I’m lovin’ the POSSIBILITIES!!!!!

I enjoyed taking small snacks during the day WITHOUT having to think about the clock!  I’ve been in MY element all day and it felt GREAT getting back to ME!!!  I will be having a big salad with my organic spinach for dinner, and 1/2 teaspoon of Kelp for my thyroid.  As I mentioned before, I have decided to follow Nanette’s suggestions for attaining maximum health, and will be purchasing the suggested Nature Sunshine Products!  It’s been a good day and LIFE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! 😀


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