Back in Sync With Me!

As excited as I was to do the One Minute Cure Therapy, I didn’t realize how much it was removing me from my regular pattern of existence until after about 14 days when I started getting weary of the peroxide taste and started ‘chasing’ it with juice.   I like to think of myself as a “free spirit” … essentially doing what I want, when I want, and how I want… especially in the area of food!  So, I sacrificed my “freedom of spirit” to share an important therapy which I think can help anyone who is in ill health.  I hope that the people who REALLY NEED The One Minute Cure get introduced to it, if not by me, another loved one.

I stayed up last night to about 2:30am researching various commercial properties I had tucked away for future analysis.  There were about two dozen that I needed more information on, and about six which I was ready to make offers on when I woke up.  I also had to create an offer that was incising to the sellers because I was asking each of them to do 100% Seller Financing, and wait six months to get their first payment, however, their loan would be amortized for only ten years, rather than the usual 30, so their monthly payments would usually be more than what they were already receiving in cash flow from the property!…(An amazing concept if I do say so myself!)  even though I knew that I would have to go through many sellers to find the one who would go for such a deal,  I was feeling VERY CONFIDENT that that Seller DID EXIST, and was “jazzed’ about the possibility!  

I contemplated going up to Paradise Hill to sleep, but I would only be there for a few hours and be on my way back over here, so I just stayed and rested here for the rest of the night.  Even though I only got a few hours of sleep, I was up early because it was my grandson KJ’s birthday, and I wanted to give him a special hug before he was off to school with his Dad.  as soon as they left, I measured my 32 ounces of water and squeezed some lemon juice into it and put it over a low flame to warm it up for drinking.  While it was getting warm I went down stairs to the computer and checked my emails to see if any of my requests for more information from agents had been returned…and there were about 7 responses!  So I started writing up Letters of Intent and sending them out.  The ink in my printer gave out and I had to use my old signature file to put my signature on my documents that I was emailing.  Technology is WONDERFUL when it works!  it wasn’t long before my granddaughter, kaelyn, woke up, and was calling my name.  I went upstairs and lifted her out of the crib onto the floor and she was “off to the races!”… She’s such a little princess!  Her mother was still home and prepared scrambled eggs with chees for her breaksfast and I added yogurt and juice to that after mommy left for work.  Kaelyn likes to eat and watch her favorite show on TV like Sesame Street, Sid The Science Kid, Martha, and Curious George.  After she was finished eating I took her to her bathroom because it’s always “potty time” after we eat.  The TV goes off, and I turn to the Classical Music Station for her bathroom experience.  In the meantime, I go into the kitchen and start drinking my warm lemon water.  I decided to take a teaspoon of Kelp with it as well, so that I can treat my thyroid right.  After about 30 minutes I ate a sliced apple, and then didn’t eat again until after 3pm.  Meanwhile Kaelyn finished her routine after-breakfast bathroom experience, and was ready to play.  I had a good time communicating with the various agents about their properties.  Some were in Chicago, Florida, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania.  I was proud of how efficiently I communicated with each of them.  I only had to trash about three of the deals because they were beyond hope, or the agent kept trying to give “proforma” financial information rather than “actual” financial information.  one agent even asked me if I had made a typo because the purchase price and the Seller Financing amount was the same number! 😀  I had to explain to him that I was asking the Seller to do 100% Financing for me to buy the property!..I thought that was cute!  i see that I’m in for quite a few laughs with this particular offer.  I might have more to share tomorrow!  By the end of the day I was ready for Richard Geller’s Webinar about finding money for Commerical purposes, either for yourself, or for others and make a commission!!  I realized the importance of what he was offering within the first 15 minutes, and spent the next hour writing every word down like a mad woman!  It was great to find that he had a financing schedule so that I could get his $997 course!  It was funny, but I copied and pasted both of the Missouri deals into the Chat box!  And he started reading it out loud, acknowledging that they both sounded like great deals to him!  Even though I already knew that they are both great deals, I was quite pleased to hear him notice it too!  i’ll probably be going to bed early tonight because of my short rest last night, but it’s been a really GREAT DAY, and I love being BACK IN SYNC with ME!!


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