Today was the day to start the Eviction Process!

I’ve been trying hard to not have to evict one of my tenants for several months now, because of the expense, but she and her boyfriend have been taking our kindness for weakness, and today it STOPS!  I woke up today on Paradise Hill, well rested, and had a chance to lay in bed quietly for a short while. This is usually the time when I give thanks to my Higher Consciousness for allowing me to open my eyes once again, feeling good with no aches or pains, and participate in this wonderful game of LIFE! Within minutes, a thought zapped me like an electrical current….”File the Eviction papers yourself!”  My daughter and I have been putting-off filing Eviction papers because of the usual $700+ costs of using an eviction service provider, and we can’t afford that right now, so this thought seemed to be the PERFECT answer to our non-existent budget… Fill-out and file the Eviction Papers ourselves, so that there are NO additional fees of any kind!  I quickly jumped up, got dressed and drove to my daughter’s home to let her know what I wanted to do.  I had her give me a blank company check and after checking my email and having my warm lemon water, I bee-lined it down to the Superior Court to learn about the eviction filing process, and hopefully be able to pick-up some papers and bring them back to the house.  I was pleased to discover, that the Court already had an “Eviction Package” available, AND they also had a Self-Help Department to help you with the seemingly massive amount of paperwork.  I learned later that much of it was repetitious, making multiple copies of the same forms, but initially, it intimidated, even me for a short time.  I had the opportunity to speak with a nice young man in the Self-Help Department who looked at our 3-Day Notice and made suggestions about how to proceed.

I raced back to the house with the paperwork and information booklet the young man gave me.  My daughter was on her way out the door to go shopping and I made her sign all the paperwork before she left, just in case she didn’t get back in time for me to do the filing (once she starts shopping, it’s ALL OVER!… WE MAY NOT SEE HER UNTIL MIDNIGHT! :-D).  Today is the perfect day to file because the Tenant has 5 calendar days to respond.  So technically, they have to respond with an answer by Monday!  Fat chance for that!!!  If she doesn’t file her answer on time, then I can follow through with a Notice of Default and this will speed up the process immensely!  Still a little intimidated by the vast amount of paperwork in the package I received, I decided to look at some more of the Income and Expense information I had requested for several Apartment complexes on Monday.  After several hours, I decided that I should tackle the eviction papers.  It wasn’t easy but I was finishing filling in all the paperwork according to the instruction booklet by 3:40pm.  I thought the courthouse closed at 4pm so I had pretty much allowed myself to think that I was going to file on Monday, but then a sheet of paper appeared in the courthouse folder, that had the courthouse telephone number written on it!  I called it and the courthouse doesn’t close until 4:30pm!  I knew that I could make it in time to file today, if I hurried!  I worked quickly filling in the last few spaces and checking each copy.  by the time I was finished it was 4:03 and I dashed out the door.  Both my Granddaughter and daughter said that I would not make it and waste gas going down there to just have to turn around and come back….BUT WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY!  I drove safely and arrived at about 4:20, quickly parked on the street, went through the security inspection at the door, and went directly upstairs to the Civil Case Filings.  The lady was very nice and helped me with making sure that everything was correct on the paperwork, even though it was almost 4:30.  I was quite thankful and impressed and let her know that i appreciated her service and extra time that she spent with me.  She even mad 4 copies of the filing when I openly asked for two.  She must have known that I would need them all…and I did!  I had to mail one and post two at the apartment, and one for our files!  I cheerfully drove back to the house so that I could prepare one of the copies for the mail, and go post the other two.  I also called my daughter to let her know that I DID in fact, get there in time to file! :-b 
Needless to say, I was quite pleased with myself for making the deadline, and NOT QUITTING when it seemed that all odds were against me.  It’s been a VERY GOOD day!  “Good things happen for those who ACT!”   


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