The past few days have been quite hectic and busy with family celebrations: Thursday – Thanksgiving Day, and yesterday,Friday, my Grandson’s birthday party.  It was wonderful, as it always is, to celebrate, but I especially enjoy the quiet time that I get to experience with just ME!  It was wonderful to wake-up this morning with no particular place to go, or any particular thing to do!  I relaxed quietly in bed giving thanks and praises for yet another opportunity to experience this wonderful Game of Life!  At about 8:30am I decided to take my cherished walk up to the top of Paradise Hill.  I could tell that it was quite chilly outside, so I wore one of my favorite sweatshirts.  I could tell that it actually rained a little this morning, and the air was fresh.  The walk was extremely nice today, and my sweatshirt was EXACTLY what I needed to wear.  As I walked, I marveled at all the beauty surrounding me, knowing that MY Consciousness created EVERYTHING that I was seeing in perfect divine harmony and order. 

When I reached the top of Paradise Hill, I was ecstatic to see that there was NO visable pollution ANYWHERE over the entire City of Los Angeles!  It was a clear morning and Downtown Los Angeles looked absolutely beautiful!  A perfect day for taking a “LA Picture Postcard”  It’s not often that there is absolutely NO POLLUTION to be seen.  Usually I can see the smog layer below in the city, and along the Beaches of Venice, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach!  But today these was nothing but an absolutely clear gorgeous view!  The wind undoubtably helped move the smog along, because it was quite windy this morning, especially at the top of Paradise Hill; nevertheless, I stayed for a while to quietly meditate and gaze out upon the splendid view!  And the air was as fresh as I’ve ever smelled it from that location, so I breathed very deeply to fully experience the fresh oxygen being delivered to my lungs.  After about 20-30 minutes I arose from my usual sitting stone and continued my walk.  It wasn’t long before I noticed a bird  flying above.  It wouldn’t normally have caught my attention because I usually see birds flying overhead quite often during my walk, but what caught my attention was that the bird was flapping its wings quite energetically, but staying in the same spot!…he was attempting to fly against the wind!  He would sometimes swoop down to the side, but when he returned to his original path against the wind, he stayed in one place no matter how hard he flapped!  I thought to myself, why doesn’t he fly in the other direction, or stop at tree until the wind dies down?   After several very energetic attempts, he finally made his way further north, but I couldn’t help but relate his journey to that of the Human Journey of Life. 

I view the Game of Life as an exciting wonderful journey to be fully experienced by each one of us in our own special way; exposing us to a wide range of “lessons” which help us to grow and mature in Spirit.  Through my life I have seen many people, just like that bird, working and struggling to accomplish a goal, utilizing ALL of their energy, neglecting their families and friends, their Health, to achieve… what?…money?…  Fame?…  Power?   My personal journey through LIFE has been quite smooth and easy, with no particular massive challenges or concerns.    So, it’s quite uncommon for me to experience resistance in my life, and therefore when I come to any MAJOR resistance (like the wind and the bird) to the direction I’m headed, I always stop to closely examine what I am doing, and see if there is a message from the Universe that I may have missed in my excitement about the project, or other distraction (i.e.-  the “noise” that’s constantly all around us.)  The quiet moments of meditation usually reveal in what direction I REALLY should be headed.  I “go with the flow” of LIFE!.  I AM the “YES” WOMAN!  I say “YES” to LIFE at EVERY opportunity because you never know what WONDERFUL surprises the Universe holds for you!

So, EVERY ONE of us has SOMETHING to be thankful for … but not only at this time of year… but EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I find myself giving thanks and praises to God several times a day, as I recognize the invisible, but comforting “helping hand” giving support, opening doors and paving the way, when I’m moving and traveling “In the Spirit”…Yes… EVERYDAY ’tis the Season to be Thankful….



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