I’ve already expressed my position about this health care issue a few months ago on a FACEBOOK post: “Down with Health Care…up with Self-Care!”.  [After I wrote that, someone sent a remark that they were “glad I wasn’t in Washington.”  I couldn’t agree with them more! ;-D]   I didn’t plan on revisiting that subject again because it’s political, I’m NOT a political person at all, but this morning, I read a simple statement today that sums up the whole crazy situation for me and I wanted to share it!  It was in an article entitled “The Greening of My Thumbs” by Keith Ranney.  After describing his reasoning and appreciation of being able to have an organic garden on the beautiful island of Maui(lucky guy), he ends his article with these words:

“So while America argues about Universal Healthcare so they can have cheaper access to a system that has little to do with health, we’re investing in the cheapest and most effective health plan available:

  • Manual labor
  • Putting our hands in the soil
  • Planting food
  • Creating a water catchment/irrigation system (much healthier for plants)
  • Sharing the bounty and celebrating life”

The key phrase for me is  “…cheaper access to a system that has little to do with health…”.  HELLO PEOPLE!!!!  Why are we(you) fighting so hard to pay less for a system that doesn’t work, and, in fact, a system that strategically thrives and profits on our (your) DEATH????!  The Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry has consistently proven for decades that they NEVER want us to get well and maintain a healthy lifestyle, because then, we would no longer NEED THEM and the insane profits would stop!  From the physical confiscation of Apricot Seeds from any market or health food store found to be selling them, to the strategic formation of an international drug cartel which controls all pharmaceutical drugs around the world AS WELL AS the drug-oriented training given to each and every Medical student…WE’VE BEEN DUPED!!!  Come on folks, take control and full responsibility of YOURSELF and your own HEALTH and CURE YOURSELF at  and  It’s not hard…it’s just DIFFERENT, and I think you’re going to enjoy the way you feel!  And for those of you who have become totally DEPENDENT on drugs, please consult with your doctor, about how to implement a total Pharamceutical Drug Withdrawal Plan.  Some of the drugs they are prescribing these days will literally kill you if you abruptly stop taking them!…Hmmmm, I wonder who was responsible for creating THOSE DRUGS!!??


UP!!… The Movie!!

While I am NOT much of a movie person…Boy, this was an extraordinary movie!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Even though it saddened me to see Ellie pass before Carl could keep his promise to her, I got over that when he discovered that she acknowledged in her Adventure Book, that her life with Carl was full of WONDERFUL adventures that she appreciated and cherished.  So many memorable, touching scenes!  It was funny, because after Carl flew away, I kept wondering how long the helium in the balloons was going to last, and if it was going to be enough to get to Paradise Falls! … (Just the Chemistry in me, I guess! 😉  Nevertheless, one of the best parts for me was after the little scout, Russell, detached some balloons from the house to fly off to save his friend, Kevin.  The house sank to the ground because of the missing balloons, and Carl tried to first, lift the house back up, but couldn’t, and then he thought a little and started throwing EVERYTHING out of the house, so that he and the house could FLY!!!  How WONDERFUL A METAPHOR was that?!!  How often do we lament, stress, and agonize over losing insignificant material things in our lives, not realizing that the more we simplify our lives, and discard our (spiritual) selves of these (unnecessary) items, the easier it is for US to FLY, JUST LIKE CARL AND THAT HOUSE!!!!!  That all elusive concept of “FREEDOM” which we all seek at some level of our being is actually more within our reach than we ever realized…  i.e. Let go of the “stuff” weighing you down, so that YOU can be free to FLY!!  PEACE, BLESSINGS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!

It’s Been A Good Weekend!

I spent the weekend at home and enjoyed lying in bed meditating and thinking until 8am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.  Saturday, I had a 9:30am appointment with Lanette, the Iridologist.  Even though I have not yet started taking the Nature’s Sunshine herbs that she suggested, I will be able to start the year off with almost everything that she suggested.  I was glad when she said that I had “happy eyes”, which means that she doesn’t see a lot of “stuff”.  Even though I have not yet started taking the Nature’s Sunshine herbs, she was pleased to hear that I was no longer taking the doses of the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  As I explained in a previous post, that therapy was taking me too far from my normal dietary habits, so I stopped.  However, if I were actually sick with some sort of disease, I would not hesitate taking it! 

After my iridology exam, I decided to pick-up some tacos and go have lunch with my friend Jim.  He was happy to see me and I stayed almost the entire afternoon, talking.  I was quite pleased  when I got online and discovered that there were 3 people requesting more  information about the Missouri Apartment Buildings.  I immediately emailed them the information they needed.

Sunday started in a similar fashion with me lingering in bed with meditation and quiet thoughts.  Today I was determined to ride my bike, so I put on my biker outfit and hit the road.  It felt wonderful gliding along down the hill on Broadway from Mission Road.  I always get a sense of total “freedom’ when I ride my bike.  I decided to go visit my friend Jim again, and we had another wonderful conversation!  Jim is one of the most creative individuals I know, and I am very happy and thankful that he is in my life!  During the conversation, I was explaining to Jim how my entire perspective about MONEY has changed drastically this year because I read the book “Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld.   I went on to share with him that this year I discovered how insignificant money was in my life, and Jim laughed and said “Yeah, that’s easy to do when you don’t have any!”  And I had to think about his words and wonder, would my perspective change again when the money starts rolling in?….That remains to be seen…  Right now, I’m feeling that this new perspecitve will be constant for the rest of my life journey, and I will soon have the opportunity to discover if that is true!

While I was at Jim’s I was very pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from Eric, my prospective buyer in New York!  Somehow he lost the pictures of the Apartment Building he wishes to purchase in Missouri and needed me to send another one.  But what was really surprising was that I discovered that he is an avid bicyle rider and was very pleased to hear that I was riding my bike today!  It turns-out that he is an ecology-advocate, and he told me that he likes to ride his bike EVERYDAY to work, even in the snow!!!  He described himself as being “hard core” and I had to agree with him!  ;-D  He also shared with me about the Los Angeles Eco-Community at Vermont and 1st Street, which I had no idea existed!  I told him that I will go and check it out, it sounded quite interesting!  I let Eric know that I had thought that putting Solar panels on top of the Apartment Building he wants to purchase would be a good idea, because the Electrical bill is unusally large.  He was very pleased to hear that. That conversation caused me feel a lot better about him being a serious Buyer of the Missouri property.  The ball is in his court, so we’ll see what actions take place this week. 

I left Jim’s at about 3:00pm and was feeling especially good on the way home and discovered a new bike shop on Broadway that just opened.  I had just left the gas station trying to get some air for my rear tire, but the attendant said that he ran out of tokens, so I was prepared to struggle up the hill with a semi-inflated rear tire, which would have made the climb much more difficult than necessary.  As I passed his little shop, the owner saw me riding pass and shouted “Do you want me to put some air in that rear tire?”  Needless to say, I almost turned on a dime to get back to where he was standing!  I didn’t realize how far down it was until after he pumped it up and I began riding away… so smooth and easy …  I shouted back to him and smiled, “now THAT’S the way it’s suppose to ride!  Thanks alot!”  I put it in first gear and rode all the way up Broadway non-stop!  I decided to treat myself to a Teriyaki Brocholi dinner at hte  Vegi Soul Restaurant on Jefferson!  I had been thinking of them off and on all week, but I really wanted to wait until I was hungry and celebrating a special occasion…like all I experienced this weekend!  What a wonderful weekend indeed!!!


With the deadline for the end of Due Diligence period approaching tomorrow, I was quite anxious to get the Seller’s approval to extend it, and fortunately, he did!  We now have until December 29th to find one or two bonafide Buyers for the two properties in St. Joseph!  I’ve gotten several inquiries and now I must revisit them to let them know that there is still time.  I will be on a daily marketing mission until that day!  I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue the quest!

I also have started the beginnings of my business plan for providing top quality living spaces for Veterans!  Since knowing my friend, Jim and learning how badly the Government treats our Veterans, I’ve been wanting to do something with real estate to help this sad situation.  As far as I’m concerned, anyone who risks their life and goes to war for this country should have a free house and car and job or business opportunity waiting for them when they arrive back home!  That’s the LEAST the government can do for our Veterans!  I will work hard to do my part to at least provide them with a family-like pleasant home setting!

Almost 10pm….time to do some marketing!!


It’s nearing the end of the year, and The Real Estate Club would love to share two special Money Gifts to the Private Lender investment community!  Please visit our website at to see three very special apartment deals in Missouri and Virginia, and also an unusual Los Angeles land offering!   

3-Days Left to acquire two GREAT Real Estate DEALS!

It’s down to the line now!  Only three days left before I must forfeit two wonderful cash-flowing Apartment Buildings in St. Joseph, Missouri!  My desire is to simply assign the contract that I negotiated with the Seller for the 35-Unit building which is 88% occupied, and the 15-unit building which is 94% occupied.  With $50,000 and good credit, someone can walk into either of these deals with only $50,000!  With the current income and expenses reported by the seller, the Buyer will completely make their money back in about three years and after that it’s all profits!  If anyone even wants to partner with either of these deals, I can perform the due diligence between now and 12/31/2009, and set-up automatic accounting systems so that this can become a “turnkey” minimum effort investment for you!  If anyone is ready to rock & roll with either deal please visit my website at (don’t let the domain name mislead you) and view properties and leave contact information by clicking the “contact me” button in the left menu.  Thanks for reading!

4-Day Training with Jeff Adams was a BLAST!!

It’s Monday morning and this is the day to start implementing some of the marketing strategies learned over the last 4-Days with Jeff adams and his team!  I’m excited because while I knew that I was going to solidify my knowledge in this area, I was also going to have the opportunity to present my three Commercial Deals to the investors present at the Training!  While I do believe that Jeff Adams has one of the strongest Coaching teams in the real estate training industry, I don’t feel that it would especially be something that I need, for the simple reason that I am FEARLESS and I’m already making offers and actively involved in the business on a daily basis!  I may consider a Coach in the near future so that I can do what I am doing SMARTER, and get help effectively implementing some of the Automation Techniques that we learned about over the last four days, so that I can also do it FASTER!  All in all, the entire Training was extremely beneficial in giving the students everything they needed to start personalizing and optimizing their websites, and start driving traffic to them!

Needless to say over the four days, I got a little off of my daily health program, especially on the nutrition side.  I think Over the last four days i only had my spinach at two meals, and only remembered to take my kelp one time!  However, I did manage to drink some lemon water EVERY MORNING, and I felt good the rest of the day, no matter if I had a great lunch with my friend, Garth, or just an apple and sandwich that i brought from home!  I met many fellow investor students at the event and was able to reinforce our relationship.  I also became VERY POPULAR because I had deals UNDER CONTRACT which was impressive to about everybody!  I don’t think that much about it because it’s only the first step towards completing the deal!  I made copies of my deal and passed them out to various people who I thought might be able to step in as the end Buyer1  I’ll keep you posted how that progresses.

Today, I start going into each of my three real estate websites and begin to tweak and customize them, so that I can start strtegically directing traffic to them!  I’m especially interested in starting with the Private Lender website because with the right Private Lenders, I can fund any and all of my deals in the future!  But I will also set-up the Seller and Buyer websites, so that they can be put on automatic!



Today was the first Day of the 4-Day Jeff Adams Training and it was GREAT!  Jeff shared a lot of good information about how to get our websites working for us.  I made a personal commitment to work each day on some aspect of my real estate websites.  As much as I am not that interested in foreclosure homes, if I can put that business on automatic, I can do those deals too in between my commercial deals!  I discovered that my friend Garth has Zack’s software, but wasn’t using it, so now I will see if I can work effectively with Garth to get his system up and running to benefit us both!   I got to introduce my two commercial deals (under contract)  to Zack Childress, and he is VERY INTERESTED IN BOTH DEALS!  I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could email photos and more details to Zack’s Analyst, Bryan!  When I got on my computer to check my emails, I also had another inquiry about the 15-unit and 35-Unit Properties, but she sounded like an agent and seemed more interested in how the fee was being divided-up than the deal itself.  I sent her the information she requested, but I told her to hold off contacting the people in her network until after Zack had made a decision.  I’m going to get a couple more hours of sleep now, and then it will be off to Day 2 of Training!


It’s 3:00 am in the morning and I can’t believe that I’m up sending out “Good Luck” emails!  My daughter sent me this Chinese Proverb email yesterday, but I didn’t take time to open it until now.  Surprisingly, the proverb expresses many of my perceptions about this wonderful holographic illusion we have created, called MONEY!  For as many things that MONEY is good for, it falls short of being able to provide some of the most valuable and intangible qualities of LIFE!  I’m going back to sleep for a few more hours…  at 8:00 am, I’m committed to being at the Embassy Suites attending a Jeff Adams 4-DAY Real Estate Training event!

It works, don’t ask how!

Download now or preview on posterous

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I thought that we all could use a little good luck!



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