An introduction to MMS

Back in September, I was at a 4-Day Jeff Adams Real Estate Training Session, here in Los Angeles, and while the educational information was “off the hook”, one of the next best activities at these Seminars and Training sessions is the NETWORKING and meeting other investors!   I met many newbie investors, who hadn’t done their first deal yet, as well as experienced investors, and it was a joy to even see some old acquaintances, who were now into real estate. 

I  was quite energetic at this Training, and make it a point to go around and start-up conversations with people sitting or standing alone, and my usual intro is “So what kind of real estate do you invest in, __________?”(whatever Name is on their Badge) … And this begins the conversation.  Well, while I was doing my usual reach-out and touch someone routine, I met Mel who was partner in a Termite Control Company as well as an investor, and we started talking about real estate.  At that time, I had just become aware of Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B17, and I was excited to share the information with anyone and everyone that I met, and consequently, brought up Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B17 in almost every conversation during those four days!  Well, Mel was the ONLY one who knew about curing Cancer with Apricot Seeds, so I was quite impressed, and discovered he was a wealth of natural health information!  Just before the break was over, and we had to return to our seats, Mel wrote “MMS” on a napkin, and pushed it over to me to take with me.  He said, “Research MMS!”

Even though it took me some time to get to this point, I’m taking a little time now to share my MMS research because it’s VERY IMPORTANT information, especially for those of you who may be sick with an illness.  Also, at this time, I’d like to thank, Cole Perry-James for creating a very informative website at  This is where I learned about Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B17, and had the pleasure of being introduced to Part I of Jim Humble’s book, “BREAKTHROUGH, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century”. 

This is a wonderful book about the discovery of MMS.  In short, once Jim Humble discovered that this amazing Supplement cured people of Malaria in Africa within HOURS, and he dedicated his life to traveling throughout Africa healing people with the Miracle Mineral Supplement!  To date, hundreds of thousands of people have been healed with MMS, and if you are sick with any disease, you might as well join the Disease-Free Club!  I hope to be a major factor to increase the number of Disease-Free Club Members into the MILLIONSIt is important to note here that even though the main disease described in Part 1 was Malaria, MMS strengthens the Immune System in general, so that it can help the body’s defense against all viruses and bacteria!  I’m going to give some more links in this post, so that you can go right to the source for getting more information, and directly support Jim Humble by purchasing Part 2 of his book.  The proceeds go to support his international healing mission.  I just downloaded my copy, and I’m sure that I will be writing about it in the near future on my blog at , so stay tuned!!!!

Here are MMS websites that I recommend:


ACCESS TO JIM HUMBLE’S  BOOK Pt. 1 (Free), & Part 2 .


I will be writing specifically about MMS on my blog, but I wanted to give people who may be sick with a disease a immediate access to getting well and healing themselves!

Remember with SELF-CARE we won’t need Health Care!

Here’s to your Natural Health!

Thanks for Reading!


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