Today was the first Day of the 4-Day Jeff Adams Training and it was GREAT!  Jeff shared a lot of good information about how to get our websites working for us.  I made a personal commitment to work each day on some aspect of my real estate websites.  As much as I am not that interested in foreclosure homes, if I can put that business on automatic, I can do those deals too in between my commercial deals!  I discovered that my friend Garth has Zack’s software, but wasn’t using it, so now I will see if I can work effectively with Garth to get his system up and running to benefit us both!   I got to introduce my two commercial deals (under contract)  to Zack Childress, and he is VERY INTERESTED IN BOTH DEALS!  I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could email photos and more details to Zack’s Analyst, Bryan!  When I got on my computer to check my emails, I also had another inquiry about the 15-unit and 35-Unit Properties, but she sounded like an agent and seemed more interested in how the fee was being divided-up than the deal itself.  I sent her the information she requested, but I told her to hold off contacting the people in her network until after Zack had made a decision.  I’m going to get a couple more hours of sleep now, and then it will be off to Day 2 of Training!


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