4-Day Training with Jeff Adams was a BLAST!!

It’s Monday morning and this is the day to start implementing some of the marketing strategies learned over the last 4-Days with Jeff adams and his team!  I’m excited because while I knew that I was going to solidify my knowledge in this area, I was also going to have the opportunity to present my three Commercial Deals to the investors present at the Training!  While I do believe that Jeff Adams has one of the strongest Coaching teams in the real estate training industry, I don’t feel that it would especially be something that I need, for the simple reason that I am FEARLESS and I’m already making offers and actively involved in the business on a daily basis!  I may consider a Coach in the near future so that I can do what I am doing SMARTER, and get help effectively implementing some of the Automation Techniques that we learned about over the last four days, so that I can also do it FASTER!  All in all, the entire Training was extremely beneficial in giving the students everything they needed to start personalizing and optimizing their websites, and start driving traffic to them!

Needless to say over the four days, I got a little off of my daily health program, especially on the nutrition side.  I think Over the last four days i only had my spinach at two meals, and only remembered to take my kelp one time!  However, I did manage to drink some lemon water EVERY MORNING, and I felt good the rest of the day, no matter if I had a great lunch with my friend, Garth, or just an apple and sandwich that i brought from home!  I met many fellow investor students at the event and was able to reinforce our relationship.  I also became VERY POPULAR because I had deals UNDER CONTRACT which was impressive to about everybody!  I don’t think that much about it because it’s only the first step towards completing the deal!  I made copies of my deal and passed them out to various people who I thought might be able to step in as the end Buyer1  I’ll keep you posted how that progresses.

Today, I start going into each of my three real estate websites and begin to tweak and customize them, so that I can start strtegically directing traffic to them!  I’m especially interested in starting with the Private Lender website because with the right Private Lenders, I can fund any and all of my deals in the future!  But I will also set-up the Seller and Buyer websites, so that they can be put on automatic!



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