With the deadline for the end of Due Diligence period approaching tomorrow, I was quite anxious to get the Seller’s approval to extend it, and fortunately, he did!  We now have until December 29th to find one or two bonafide Buyers for the two properties in St. Joseph!  I’ve gotten several inquiries and now I must revisit them to let them know that there is still time.  I will be on a daily marketing mission until that day!  I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue the quest!

I also have started the beginnings of my business plan for providing top quality living spaces for Veterans!  Since knowing my friend, Jim and learning how badly the Government treats our Veterans, I’ve been wanting to do something with real estate to help this sad situation.  As far as I’m concerned, anyone who risks their life and goes to war for this country should have a free house and car and job or business opportunity waiting for them when they arrive back home!  That’s the LEAST the government can do for our Veterans!  I will work hard to do my part to at least provide them with a family-like pleasant home setting!

Almost 10pm….time to do some marketing!!


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