It’s Been A Good Weekend!

I spent the weekend at home and enjoyed lying in bed meditating and thinking until 8am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.  Saturday, I had a 9:30am appointment with Lanette, the Iridologist.  Even though I have not yet started taking the Nature’s Sunshine herbs that she suggested, I will be able to start the year off with almost everything that she suggested.  I was glad when she said that I had “happy eyes”, which means that she doesn’t see a lot of “stuff”.  Even though I have not yet started taking the Nature’s Sunshine herbs, she was pleased to hear that I was no longer taking the doses of the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  As I explained in a previous post, that therapy was taking me too far from my normal dietary habits, so I stopped.  However, if I were actually sick with some sort of disease, I would not hesitate taking it! 

After my iridology exam, I decided to pick-up some tacos and go have lunch with my friend Jim.  He was happy to see me and I stayed almost the entire afternoon, talking.  I was quite pleased  when I got online and discovered that there were 3 people requesting more  information about the Missouri Apartment Buildings.  I immediately emailed them the information they needed.

Sunday started in a similar fashion with me lingering in bed with meditation and quiet thoughts.  Today I was determined to ride my bike, so I put on my biker outfit and hit the road.  It felt wonderful gliding along down the hill on Broadway from Mission Road.  I always get a sense of total “freedom’ when I ride my bike.  I decided to go visit my friend Jim again, and we had another wonderful conversation!  Jim is one of the most creative individuals I know, and I am very happy and thankful that he is in my life!  During the conversation, I was explaining to Jim how my entire perspective about MONEY has changed drastically this year because I read the book “Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld.   I went on to share with him that this year I discovered how insignificant money was in my life, and Jim laughed and said “Yeah, that’s easy to do when you don’t have any!”  And I had to think about his words and wonder, would my perspective change again when the money starts rolling in?….That remains to be seen…  Right now, I’m feeling that this new perspecitve will be constant for the rest of my life journey, and I will soon have the opportunity to discover if that is true!

While I was at Jim’s I was very pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from Eric, my prospective buyer in New York!  Somehow he lost the pictures of the Apartment Building he wishes to purchase in Missouri and needed me to send another one.  But what was really surprising was that I discovered that he is an avid bicyle rider and was very pleased to hear that I was riding my bike today!  It turns-out that he is an ecology-advocate, and he told me that he likes to ride his bike EVERYDAY to work, even in the snow!!!  He described himself as being “hard core” and I had to agree with him!  ;-D  He also shared with me about the Los Angeles Eco-Community at Vermont and 1st Street, which I had no idea existed!  I told him that I will go and check it out, it sounded quite interesting!  I let Eric know that I had thought that putting Solar panels on top of the Apartment Building he wants to purchase would be a good idea, because the Electrical bill is unusally large.  He was very pleased to hear that. That conversation caused me feel a lot better about him being a serious Buyer of the Missouri property.  The ball is in his court, so we’ll see what actions take place this week. 

I left Jim’s at about 3:00pm and was feeling especially good on the way home and discovered a new bike shop on Broadway that just opened.  I had just left the gas station trying to get some air for my rear tire, but the attendant said that he ran out of tokens, so I was prepared to struggle up the hill with a semi-inflated rear tire, which would have made the climb much more difficult than necessary.  As I passed his little shop, the owner saw me riding pass and shouted “Do you want me to put some air in that rear tire?”  Needless to say, I almost turned on a dime to get back to where he was standing!  I didn’t realize how far down it was until after he pumped it up and I began riding away… so smooth and easy …  I shouted back to him and smiled, “now THAT’S the way it’s suppose to ride!  Thanks alot!”  I put it in first gear and rode all the way up Broadway non-stop!  I decided to treat myself to a Teriyaki Brocholi dinner at hte  Vegi Soul Restaurant on Jefferson!  I had been thinking of them off and on all week, but I really wanted to wait until I was hungry and celebrating a special occasion…like all I experienced this weekend!  What a wonderful weekend indeed!!!


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