UP!!… The Movie!!

While I am NOT much of a movie person…Boy, this was an extraordinary movie!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Even though it saddened me to see Ellie pass before Carl could keep his promise to her, I got over that when he discovered that she acknowledged in her Adventure Book, that her life with Carl was full of WONDERFUL adventures that she appreciated and cherished.  So many memorable, touching scenes!  It was funny, because after Carl flew away, I kept wondering how long the helium in the balloons was going to last, and if it was going to be enough to get to Paradise Falls! … (Just the Chemistry in me, I guess! 😉  Nevertheless, one of the best parts for me was after the little scout, Russell, detached some balloons from the house to fly off to save his friend, Kevin.  The house sank to the ground because of the missing balloons, and Carl tried to first, lift the house back up, but couldn’t, and then he thought a little and started throwing EVERYTHING out of the house, so that he and the house could FLY!!!  How WONDERFUL A METAPHOR was that?!!  How often do we lament, stress, and agonize over losing insignificant material things in our lives, not realizing that the more we simplify our lives, and discard our (spiritual) selves of these (unnecessary) items, the easier it is for US to FLY, JUST LIKE CARL AND THAT HOUSE!!!!!  That all elusive concept of “FREEDOM” which we all seek at some level of our being is actually more within our reach than we ever realized…  i.e. Let go of the “stuff” weighing you down, so that YOU can be free to FLY!!  PEACE, BLESSINGS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!


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