I’ve already expressed my position about this health care issue a few months ago on a FACEBOOK post: “Down with Health Care…up with Self-Care!”.  [After I wrote that, someone sent a remark that they were “glad I wasn’t in Washington.”  I couldn’t agree with them more! ;-D]   I didn’t plan on revisiting that subject again because it’s political, I’m NOT a political person at all, but this morning, I read a simple statement today that sums up the whole crazy situation for me and I wanted to share it!  It was in an article entitled “The Greening of My Thumbs” by Keith Ranney.  After describing his reasoning and appreciation of being able to have an organic garden on the beautiful island of Maui(lucky guy), he ends his article with these words:

“So while America argues about Universal Healthcare so they can have cheaper access to a system that has little to do with health, we’re investing in the cheapest and most effective health plan available:

  • Manual labor
  • Putting our hands in the soil
  • Planting food
  • Creating a water catchment/irrigation system (much healthier for plants)
  • Sharing the bounty and celebrating life”

The key phrase for me is  “…cheaper access to a system that has little to do with health…”.  HELLO PEOPLE!!!!  Why are we(you) fighting so hard to pay less for a system that doesn’t work, and, in fact, a system that strategically thrives and profits on our (your) DEATH????!  The Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry has consistently proven for decades that they NEVER want us to get well and maintain a healthy lifestyle, because then, we would no longer NEED THEM and the insane profits would stop!  From the physical confiscation of Apricot Seeds from any market or health food store found to be selling them, to the strategic formation of an international drug cartel which controls all pharmaceutical drugs around the world AS WELL AS the drug-oriented training given to each and every Medical student…WE’VE BEEN DUPED!!!  Come on folks, take control and full responsibility of YOURSELF and your own HEALTH and CURE YOURSELF at  and  It’s not hard…it’s just DIFFERENT, and I think you’re going to enjoy the way you feel!  And for those of you who have become totally DEPENDENT on drugs, please consult with your doctor, about how to implement a total Pharamceutical Drug Withdrawal Plan.  Some of the drugs they are prescribing these days will literally kill you if you abruptly stop taking them!…Hmmmm, I wonder who was responsible for creating THOSE DRUGS!!??


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