It was an absolute JOY to lay in bed until about 10:00am, and then decide to take my usual walk to the top of Paradise Hill!  The air was nice and clean, and over-looking Los Angeles, I could see no evidence of smog…it was beautiful!  On the way back home I met Lisa and Jim driving in a car to their house, and they stopped and we talked for a while.  I then continued walking and was surprised to see Lenai sitting outside in a lounge chair taking in the warm sunshine.  I called to her and she opended the gate and invited me inside.  I hadn’t visited with her in some time, so we had a lot to talk about.  She asked me if I liked  Swedish “Glog”, and having never heard of it before, I was curious and said “Yes, I’ll try some”.  She explained that it was Port Wine and Vodka, with Cranberry Juice, Grape juice and raisins, prunes, almonds and more!  She heated it up on the stove and poured it in two mugs, making sure that the pieces of fruit got in each cup as well.  She said that the recipe recommends straining the fruit out, but she said that she liked the fruit in it…and I did too!  It reminded me of hot Sangria!  She also had made some Swedish”VeteBrot” from scratche, but she was disappointed with how dry it came out.  However, I liked it and ended up eating quite a bit!  It reminded me of toasted raisin bread. 

Lenai’s home is quite comforting.  I told her that it reminds me of a little fairy tale “cabin in the woods” with its forest green color and orange trim and stripes.  I was surprised to discover that Lenai was 83 years old!  She live alone (her son is her neighbor down the hill to the east).  She is quite a collector of trinkets and has an extensive collection of little ceramic glass figurines, cups, glasses, plates, etc.  that cover just about every inch of every wall!  She explained how her husband died from cancer about 30 years ago, and of course, that opened the door for me to tell her about my research into natural cures for cancer, and my website at www.YourCancerCure.net    I ended up committing myself to bring her two dropper bottles of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide; one for her and one for her daughter in-law’s sister, who is suffering with cancer right now!  I will buy another bottle of the Hydrogen Peroxide, on the 16th, when I’ll be back in the Valley for my Iridology Reading.  When I was ready to leave, Lenai packed up more of the Vetebrot in a zip-lock bag so that I could take some home and share my friend, Jim.  It was a very enjoyable visit, and Lenai enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed hers!  She let me know that on my next visit, I should just rattle the gate, and the dogs will let her know that I am there.

As I continued my walk home, (feeling quite “good” from the hot Swedish “Glog”), I started reflecting on Lenai’s and my friendship, and how nice it is to have a variety of friends of different backgrounds, races, countries, religions,etc..  I also saw a clear-cut analogy to the power of the Internet and these wonderful Social Networking websites:  as we share our lives, experiences, thoughts, joys, and sorrows with each other through these wonderful technological vehicles, we are ACTIVELY supporting and implementing the concept of ONENESS…with each other…with God…with ourselves! The more we communicate, understand and relate to each others experiences, the more we become ONE in perfect harmony and Divine Order!  Peace, Joy, Infinite Abundance and unlimited FREEDOM for all of you this Year…and FOREVER! Cheers!! 😀


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