I was just riding back from taking my granddaughter to work and I saw this big billboard “BELIEVE IN HOPE”.  Now, this was not the first time that I had seen that advertisement for, I guess, a new movie, and each time that I read the phrase, it “ruffled” my spirit and my understanding of the two words being used in the phrase “Believe” and “Hope”.  I decided to take the time today to stop and investigate this inner disturbance I was experiencing; and examine what I perceive to be the ambiguity of the phrase “BELIEVE IN HOPE”.

For me, the word “believe” is so much more powerful than the word “hope”, that I’m having difficulty seeing them used in the same sentence.  I mean that if you are going to believe in something, why not believe in faith, or honesty, or integrity, or infinite abundance, or perseverance, or family, or the GOD IN YOU…but, just believing in “Hope”, just doesn’t “cut it” for me!  Because “Hope” indicates a question, unassurance, an unknown, a lack of faith, a lack of knowing… a MAYBE!  That must be it! (And I’m thinking on on the fly, right now…)  My belief system doesn’t allow me to “hope” for anything!  I am in the constant spiritual belief that “Everything is in Divine Order and GO(o)D all the time!”  Because of this very basic spiritual foundation, or belief system, (if you will), I don’t EVER need to “hope” for anything…because I know that it’s already being handled perfectly, by my very own higher level of consciousness!  Thanks for allowing me to indulge in my own little self-examination! Peace and Blessings to you all!


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