December 29th Deadline Came and Went…

Last week Tuesday was the final deadline for my Due Diligence Period, and I was a bit disappointed that I could not get one Investor to act on the purchase of at least one of the deals, and I had to CANCEL both escrows, so that the Earnest Deposit would be returned.  However, when I discovered two weeks ago that the bank doing the Loan Assumption was taken over by the FDIC, I perceived that as a huge problem and started diligently looking for a new loan, posting the deals on the internet in several places.  Much to my surprise, I have received responses from over 24 Lenders interested in financing the 35-unit and 15-unit deals that I have been working on for two months, but what’s REALLY WONDERFUL is that several of them are strong enough financially to look at possibly financing the big 104 unit complex in Indiana!  Just goes to show you, that you don’t need to get all “bent out of shape” and stressed when something doesn’t go according to YOUR PLANS…there’s always a BIGGER PLAN in place!  It’s our job to be PATIENT in our FAITH, and KNOW that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS IN DIVINE ORDER!!!


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