Helping Our Veterans


Since being introduced to a wonderful gentleman, James Gardner, in 2001, I have become more informed and sensitive to various important issues affecting Veterans.  I was shocked to learn of the shameful way that our U.S. Government treats our Veterans, literally “kicking them to the curb” on their return back to the United States; such disgraceful treatment, after having risked their lives (and limbs) overseas fighting to keep this country safe!  Rather than being honored and treated with respect for the rest of their lives, they are cast aside, young and old, like broken toys, most of the time forced to depend on their own means of survival.  I know that all too often I have witnessed Veterans on the street begging for money to sustain themselves.

Six years ago, with the help of my friend, Jim, I started planning a special ecological friendly community in the Lincoln Heights/El Sereno areas of Los Angeles on Paradise Hill.  Together, we started accumulating residential lots to begin building totally “green” homes which would house Veterans.  A strong sense of “family” would prevail in these special homes in a non-institutional environment with radiant heat and beautiful landscaping and vegetable gardens, totally watered with strategically located grey-watering systems. 

Together, we accumulated 20 lots between us, and actually started designing the homes with the help of a fantastic architect, Tomas Osinski.  Unfortunately, in late 2006, the real estate market went into a downward tailspin, and banks were no longer making loans for construction of homes because the vast numbers of single family homes going into foreclosure all over the nation.  We lost 8 of those lots due to circumstances beyond our control, and now, we have only 10 of those lots remaining., While we realize it’s not yet  “time to build”, we still hold the original vision of Veterans living together in nice hillside homes, where they can reconnect to themselves, to nature, and each other in a shared, spiritual and supportive atmosphere.

__________________________________________ is about ¼ mile from the vacant residential lots we purchased for our ‘Green” Housing Development Project, and even though it’s in terrible condition, we’d like to make this house our Founder’s House, where Mr. Compton, at age 76, can happily reside until his final days.  We estimated the repairs to that house to be in the vicinity of $200,000-$250,000 because of the extensive foundation damage on the south side of the home, ( all the balconies will have to be torn down and rebuilt using pylons), as well as the extensive water and termite damage to the flooring and roofing of the entire house and garage, due to improper water drainage.  Unfortunately, in this declining real estate market, the After Repair Value of the house is only, $209,000-$267,000, and shows that the home has lost over $22,000 of it’s value in just the last 30 days, and a Value/Time graph at that same website indicates even more decline is on the horizon!

Nevertheless, after inspecting the property this past Saturday, with our agents, Liz and Nick Socha, Mr. Gardner would LOVE to purchase and fix this property up for Veterans (himself included), even though the money that would eventually have to go into it would equal its current value.  Because of this unique situation, Mr. Gardner would like to present the following offer to the Veteran’s Administration.


OFFER FOR _________________________________________

Mr. Gardner would like to personally purchase the property for $50,000, with a $50,000 VA loan @6%APR.  Mr. Compton could very easily pay for the loan out of his Social Security, if it is amortized over 30 years with monthly payments of $299.78.  Mr. Compton currently pays $700.00 per month for rent to live in a very uncomfortable Mobile Home Trailer Park.  With the money he would be saving on rent, Mr. Gardner said that he could gradually fix the property to become a blessed home to himself, the community, and other Veterans.

Now, I sent this proposal to our Agent, Liz, and she informed me that the VA would never make a loan on such a property because of it’s structural problems, so Jim needs to show that he has that money from somewhere else to pay CASH for the house.  If I had it, I’d just give it to him, because he’s one of my very best friends, and also one of the most creative persons I know!  Plus, he put his life on the line in Korea, so that you and I and our families could be free!  But then I thought, just this afternoon, maybe my Social Networking Friends could collectively help Jim buy this house by making charitable donations to my (501c3) non-profit corporation, Youth Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 43971, Los Angeles, CA 90043…  Or maybe someone could actually make Jim a loan of the $50,000 @6% interest, and let Jim pay them back over the next 30 years (or less, because Jim doesn’t like to owe people money).  If nothing else, it WILL be a GREAT TAX DEDUCTION! 😀  If anybody has any other ideas that can be helpful … email me!  Please put the word “IDEAS!!!”   in the “Subject” section of your email.  Many thanks and a big HUG!!!!

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