Here’s another billboard that I’ve seen on several occasions, and again, it’s ruffling my spirit!  While the statement, “Religion is POWER”, is very much a true statement, unfortunately, from my experience, it’s only “power” for the Preacher, and NOT the Congregation!  I will never forget the day I chose to gather several preachers together in a meeting, specifically to ask them why they are NOT educating and empowering their congregations with the TRUTH!…that we are God, and exist in the Trinity just like Jesus, whose main purpose was to show us our power, our Godly essence, and the unlimited abundance and power each of us possess.  I was shocked to hear the answer from one of the Preachers…He bluntly said, “We don’t want to educate them like that…then they wouldn’t need us!”   And all the other preachers agreed!  I couldn’t believe my ears!!!  Needless to say that was the end of the meeting, and I have not felt the need to attend a church since that day!


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