“Special Occasion”

Today, I went to my storage shed to look for my tape recorder so that I could record the Tapping World Summit that started today.  While I was very delighted to easily find that which I was seeking, I was almost as equally disappointed that several of my other boxes had been invaded by mice, who taste-tested just about everything they could find in each box that they explored!  They ravished my shoe box, and showed preference for the black and white leather pumps, where they ate almost half of each shoe!  All the other shoes, including the beautiful midnight-blue suede shoes, apparently, were not as tasty, so they just took little bites of the toe, or heel, sometimes the strap, just enough to let you know that you would NEVER where those shoes again!  They also really enjoyed my box of toiletries!  I could not believe it when I saw how they ate through containers of lotions, body splashes and soaps, like they were the “Entre du Jour”!  They even ate things that I had not used yet!!!!….The nerve of those critters!!!…  And after I huffed and puffed emotionally for a few minutes, a familiar voice chided me…”Well, Annie, instead of “saving” all your nice “smell-good” toiletries for “special occasions”, you should have been using them DAILY, because “every moment of EVERYDAY is a “special occasion”!

As I write this, I’m reminded of my Mother, who had many brand new dresses and outfits in her closet with the store tags still on them.  I remember asking her, as a teenager, why she never wore any of her new outfits, and she said, “I’m saving them for a special occasion“.  It made perfectly good snese to me then, so I didn’t protest.  I was an art student in Chicago when my mother transitioned into her next stage of life, and during the viewing of her body at the funeral home, I was saddened to finally see her in one of those brand new dresses that had been hanging in her closet for so many years. 

…Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself! …and fully enjoy and savor each and every moment, for they are all “Special Occasions”!

Much Love and Peace to all of you and your families!



I was very happy to receive an invitation to the WORLD TAPPING SUMMIT starting on Sunday, February 21st, 2010 and lasting ten days!!  I had never heard of “tapping” before receiving this invitation, and after listening to some of the introductory interviews they give you access to after registration for the Summit, I’m thoroughly convinced that it may be one of the most IMPORTANT events ANY of us can attend this year, or possibly for the rest of our lives!!!   Sign-up to attend the summit at this link  http://www.tryitoneverything.com/cmd.php?Clk=3543122   Be prepared to be “blown away” by the ease and power of this very simple technique!

Have fun!!

Peace, Love, and Natural Good Health to all!!!


My Friend had a stroke

I’m preparing to go and visit my friend, Audrey who is in a nursing home because she suffered a stroke about two weeks ago.  I visited with her yesterday for about four hours and I will visit again today.  I’ve known Audrey to be a very vibrant energetic woman ever since I’ve known her, and it’s difficult for me to see her just laying in a bed with very little ability to do much of anything else.  When I visited her last Sunday, I explained to her that she needed to exercise her arms and legs while she was in the bed, but yesterday, I could tell that she did not do that, AND she was not eating like she needed to.  It took the facility some time to figure out how to deal with a vegetarian no meat diet, but they finally figured it out, and I made sure that she ate all of her coleslaw and Veggie Pattie last night.  I also made her do her arm and leg exercises before dinner, while I was there.  I had to help her with her legs lifts because she could no longer lift them without assistance.  I told her that she must strengthen her muscles by exercising them, or they will not get stronger.  I’m not a physical therapist by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m just doing what seems LOGICAL to me so that I can help my friend become the dynamic independent woman that I’ve always known her to be.

She complained of not knowing what time it was, or whether it was day or night.  So, I had her focus on the wall clock, which she could see, and then observe the natural light coming into the room, to easily identify whether it was day or night.  It seems she needs help in thinking logically.  I noticed that when I had her count to ten while she did her exercises, she would forget what number came next, and sometimes repeat the same number twice.  We have some work to do, but I’m ready for it, and I think Audrey is too after my visit yesterday!  I will probably be with her for the entire afternoon today.  I am taking her some Braggs Amino Acids to put on her food and another orange.   10:49am…Time to go…


I tried out a new Forex Trading Program  called Forex Mercenary that supposedly had a track record of over 1000 consecutive accurate trades.  When I tested it on ten trades, I got stopped out on six of them, so I requested a refund and put it in the “Tried, Tested and POOH” File! 😀

Santa Monica Steps

I visited the Santa Monica “Steps” for the first time last Sunday, and boy were my legs hurting!  The “steps” are a series of about 200 cement steps found at the end of 4th Street in Santa Monica, and lots of people use them for exercise.  My son-in-law Kirk was going and I figured, “Why not?”.  After two trips down and up, my legs were “wobbly”, so I stopped.  This past Sunday, we went again with my daughter, Eva and my Grandson.  I was planning on doing three times, but I ended up doing 4 times! Now it’s Tuesday and my legs feels fine with just a very slight hint of pain to remind me that they had a good Sunday workout.  Just goes to show you that difficult tasks become easier, the more you do them! 😀    …Have Fun!