My Friend had a stroke

I’m preparing to go and visit my friend, Audrey who is in a nursing home because she suffered a stroke about two weeks ago.  I visited with her yesterday for about four hours and I will visit again today.  I’ve known Audrey to be a very vibrant energetic woman ever since I’ve known her, and it’s difficult for me to see her just laying in a bed with very little ability to do much of anything else.  When I visited her last Sunday, I explained to her that she needed to exercise her arms and legs while she was in the bed, but yesterday, I could tell that she did not do that, AND she was not eating like she needed to.  It took the facility some time to figure out how to deal with a vegetarian no meat diet, but they finally figured it out, and I made sure that she ate all of her coleslaw and Veggie Pattie last night.  I also made her do her arm and leg exercises before dinner, while I was there.  I had to help her with her legs lifts because she could no longer lift them without assistance.  I told her that she must strengthen her muscles by exercising them, or they will not get stronger.  I’m not a physical therapist by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m just doing what seems LOGICAL to me so that I can help my friend become the dynamic independent woman that I’ve always known her to be.

She complained of not knowing what time it was, or whether it was day or night.  So, I had her focus on the wall clock, which she could see, and then observe the natural light coming into the room, to easily identify whether it was day or night.  It seems she needs help in thinking logically.  I noticed that when I had her count to ten while she did her exercises, she would forget what number came next, and sometimes repeat the same number twice.  We have some work to do, but I’m ready for it, and I think Audrey is too after my visit yesterday!  I will probably be with her for the entire afternoon today.  I am taking her some Braggs Amino Acids to put on her food and another orange.   10:49am…Time to go…


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