Need $100K @20% for 12 months!

Dear Investors!

We need $100K to lock up a deal to purchase an Appraised $4,000,000 104 unit 93% occupied Multi-Family Building in Indianapolis, IN with a $30,000/month NOI, for $3,050,000!  We have found a 50/50 JV Partner, and all we need is a Private Lender to help us with the approximate $135,000 closing and option  fees to lock in this great price.  We will have escrow create a 2nd lien on the property.

THE CHALLENGE IS…..  the Seller is expecting a minimum of $35K to be wired into escrow tomorrow…Friday, March 26th!

This $100k can be one investor or two with $50k each.  But the first one with the wire, gets 2nd position and the last 3rd position for the liens.

I hope someone can help this GREAT DEAL actually MATERIALIZE!  I’ve been working on it since January 1, 2010!

The property website is     I.D./Password =   buyer/buyer

Please call me directly if you are inclined to participate with any questions.  loan can repaid with monthly payments OR in one lump sum of principal and interest in twelve months.


Annie Pierce

Escrow Contact at First American Title Company is as follows:

Gina L. Longere
Senior Commercial Escrow Officer
Exchange Coordinator
National Commercial Services


The First American Title Insurance Company
251 East Ohio Street, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 | NYSE: FAF




Direct: (317) 616-7333
Office: (317) 684-7556
Fax: (317) 684-6293

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“It Takes a Village….”

After almost 60 years of being Ms. INDEPENDENT, in the past 3-years of my Life’s journey, I’ve discovered that it not only “Takes a Village to raise a child“, but it also “Takes a Village to travel Life’s Journey as an adult…all the way to the end!  Never one to gravitate towards working with or depending on others to get a specific job done, I’ve always prided myself on being that “One-Woman Show”, that “Super Annie” that could get things done miraculously, no matter what the odds were!  Now, I realize that even though it seemed that I was accomplishing so many fantastic deed on my own, with out help from anyone, when I think back and REALLY EXAMINE these various situations, I discover that the “village” was ALWAYS there, underneath my wings, supporting me and keeping me strong, safe and determined along my path!  We are the “Village”, and We are also God in Human form, so God is also the “village”.  Thank you God, for this wonderful Life’s Journey!!!