“It Takes a Village….”

After almost 60 years of being Ms. INDEPENDENT, in the past 3-years of my Life’s journey, I’ve discovered that it not only “Takes a Village to raise a child“, but it also “Takes a Village to travel Life’s Journey as an adult…all the way to the end!  Never one to gravitate towards working with or depending on others to get a specific job done, I’ve always prided myself on being that “One-Woman Show”, that “Super Annie” that could get things done miraculously, no matter what the odds were!  Now, I realize that even though it seemed that I was accomplishing so many fantastic deed on my own, with out help from anyone, when I think back and REALLY EXAMINE these various situations, I discover that the “village” was ALWAYS there, underneath my wings, supporting me and keeping me strong, safe and determined along my path!  We are the “Village”, and We are also God in Human form, so God is also the “village”.  Thank you God, for this wonderful Life’s Journey!!!


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