The Gerson Tapes – How Dr. Gerson discovered that his Gerson Therapy cured CANCER!

I was introduced to this video-link this morning and I was quite pleased to witness Charlotte Gerson speaking in depth about Dr. Gerson’s work and research!  Dare to live well and CANCER-FREE today!!!

If you have been diagnosed with Cancer, this is a valuable video to see!

Be sure to also visit for other natural methods of curing Cancer!

Peace, Love, and Good Health!


Aren’t you Tired of Being DIABETIC???? Change Your Diet and Change your LIFE!!!

I’ve seen numerous people going through foot and leg amputations, daily insulin shots, and blood transfusions because of this dreadful UNNECESSARY disease called Diabetes!  If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, or have friends and/or family members with it, PLEASE direct them to this website so that they can learn how to get well!!

Peace, Love and Good Health!

Get trained to become a Minister of Health!

I just received a very interesting email from Jim Humble, discoverer of MMS!  He is now ready to train people to become “Ministers of Health” who will be able to cure 97% of diseases in the world using MMS.  I first was introduced to MMS at a real estate seminar last year while speaking to one of the attendees, and have read about the wonderful discovery and results of MMS with curing people of Malaria in Africa.  Now, Mr. Humble is set-up in the Dominican Republic to actually train multitudes of people around the world to become Ministers of Health with the ability to utilize MMS for curing 97% of the most common diseases!  Go to this link to learn more   

If you ever wished that you could actually heal people of diseases, but instinctively knew that Medical School was NOT for you, then this might be the granting of your wish!


Love, Peace and Blessings to All!


Trimming the Excess

It’s amazing when you are forced to “downsize”, you discover how few of your possessions you really NEED!
Challenge yourself and voluntarily trim your life of the “excess”.

Have fun!

Peace and love.

Healing My Body with Kabbalah Healing Tools

My left leg muscles have been hurting for about three weeks now.  I suppose that I sprang a muscle in my thigh while I was weed-whacking the grass on the hillside lots.  For three weeks, nothing seemed to help.  So I decided to stay off my legs this weekend as much as possible.  Two days ago I started to utilize the Tikkun HaNefesh, which is a  Kabbalah healing tool.

Up until this point, I was only utilizing the Tikkun HaNefesh once a day, but upon more careful reading of the instructions, I saw that the great Kabbalists throughout history used the healing meditation two times a day.  So, of course I wanted to do the same as they did.  On Saturday, I used the meditation twice and I had no pain from my leg muscle yesterday or today!  Needless to say, I was quite surprised! 😀

If you haven’t already signed up for the free Kabbalah Training for August 4th, 2010 with the Bnei Buruch Kabbalh Learning Center, by all means do so at your earliest opportunity!  I think that you’ll be glad that you did!

Peace and love to all!