As many of you  may know, I’ve been trading commodities and Foreign Currencies since 1997, when I purchased my first Larry Williams Trading Course.  As much as I used to love the intricate and detailed calculations and methods of Larry Williams, I found myself over the years trying to simplify it, so that my trading didn’t take up so much of my time and my life.  And when I did that, I lost about $12,000!  Last year I tried my first robot: MEGADROID, but it was so cautious, it only traded about once a week, so I’ve had my antenna up for something better, and more productive.

Just last week I received some information about John Wilson’s  FOREX SUPERSONIC, and I must say that my back tests for June and July 2010 have been pretty impressive!  Out of a total of approximately 20  trades (one per trading day) for each month, the System produced 10 profitable trades, 5 stopped out, and 5 NO TRADE recommendation days, with the profitable trades ranging from 20 – 100 pips before Noon(GMT time)!  If you like FOREX, or want to learn just enough to make money with currency trading, then I suggest you take a peak at Forex Supersonic!  Here’s the website llink… http://anniepp.pipsforex.hop.clickbank.net

Remember… Have Fun, and know that I’ll be trading the system right along with you next week!

Here’s to your financial Health!


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