I woke up this morning to perform my daily Kabbalah Meditation Scannings of the 72 Names of God, the Ana B’koach, and Tikkun HaNefesh.  After I finished, I felt inspired to do my Homework from the FREE online Kabbalah Course I am taking  through the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Learning Center    (www.kabbalahlearningcenter.info )   As I began my reading in the one of the online textbooks for the course “Attaining the Worlds Beyond”  by Michael Laitman, it became very clear to me that one very important aspect of Kabbalah is that it provides a very well-defined way to actually “track” each of our progress along the Spiritual Pathway back to the Creator!  

I don’t know about you, but for me, after having studied a variety of meditation methods (ranging from Transcendental Meditation to Jose Silva Mind Control) during my almost 60 wonderful years, being able to actually “track”  my progress on my Spiritual Journey  is HUGE and EXCITING!!!! 

I now know with “absolute certainty” that learning the Wisdom of KABBALAH is by far the most important discovery and activity of my life’s journey!!!  And I can’t imagine it NOT being that for YOU too!  There’s still time to register for the current Summer Course, Fundamentlas of Kabbalah, but they announced at this week’s class that you need to sign-up by Sunday!

…Just wanted to share!…. 😀

Love, Peace and Blessings to you on your journey!


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