Help Yourself By Helping others

As many of you may remember, I’ve been a student of Kabbalah since May 4th 2010, and I must say that the learning experience has been quite enjoyable.  Not only have I (re)discovered some interesting things about myself, I’ve gained a deeper understanding and compassion for other people in general.  One of the primary goals of a Kabbalist is to learn how to become an “unconditional giver” like our Creator.  This is, indeed a great aspiration that sheds a more intense necessity on the importance of teaching our children to “share”, and become more “self-less, rather than selfish!.

Since October last year, I’ve been diligently working towards the purchase of some commercial real estate in the mid-west, but have been challenged to find a private lender, or JV Partner to make the purchase.  As time passed, without my success, the seller has become more and more flexible to the point that he suggested making the purchase of three properties possible with a Mortgage Wrap, where the existing Mortgages on the properties stay in tact and the Seller creates a larger mortgage that “wraps” around the original mortgage.   This creates three profit centers: one at the beginning with the down payment, another during the term of the loan with a positive monthly mortgage margin of profit, and thirdly, at the end when the buyer is able to qualify for a loan to cash out the Seller.  I could take advantage of this opportunity with only $100,000, which is less than 5% of the property values totaling over $2 million.  Furthermore, after the debt service is paid to the Seller, the three properties would cash flow about $6,600 per month.  I would have loved to split that monthly income with a Partner, so that each of us made $3,300 per month.  But do you think that I was able to find an adventurous private investor with $100,000, that wanted to make 3% on their money EACH MONTH, along with holding the second lien position on property worth over $2 Million?  No, not hardly…

But here’s the kicker!….

While I was diligently looking for Private Investors and Lenders to make the purchase of the properties, I discovered a possible refinance Lender for the Seller, who can fund 80%LTV  at 5% or less, which is a lot better than ANY loan I could find to make a brand new purchase, plus, it would get the Seller the cash out money he needed from the sale, plus, creatively enable me and my partners to step right into the ownership position of these wonderful historical properties.  And all of this will be possible ONLY because I helped the Seller get what he wanted… and what I wanted just showed up as a wonderful “by-product”!

…So go out there and HELP SOMEBODY!!!  😀

Peace, Love and Blessings to all!


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