The Light That Reforms – A Self-Discovery

Today’s Kabbalah Lesson focused on “The Light That Reforms”, and I discovered that my superb intellectual methods of studying are of little value in truly understanding the Wisdom of Kabbalah and becoming “closer” to the Creator.  The study of Kabbalah must come from an emotional approach (from the “heart”), rather than an intellectual approach ( from the brain).  Now, for those of you who knew me when I was in high school, you can imagine just how radical and challenging this particular phase of my Spiritual Journey will be for me!  Especially since I have prided myself on my intellectual aptitude for all of my sixty-year life!  In fact, today the teacher even expressed that we don’t really need to understand anything but the very basics of Kabbalah to progress quickly through the 125 degrees of attainment; the most important characteristics are your desire and intention to become like the Creator with not only unconditional love, but unconditional giving and sharing, as well!    A tall order for little selfish me! 🙂

Well, I have been studying Kabbalah since May 2010 and I have intellectually understood all of the concepts presented, including, but not limited to “The Purpose of Creation”, “The Four Phases of Direct Light”, “The Perception of Reality”, “The Five Spiritual Worlds”, and the “Five Stages of the Physical World”.  In fact, I appreciate the scientific nature and details of Kabbalah, which reveal that the Kabbalists have REALLY “thought and figured” this Journey of Life out, right down to the most minute details.  The teacher said that the more you study Kabbalah, even without understanding, the more your desire will increase until your emotional understanding “kicks in” and speeds you towards the ultimate destination… The Creator.

Even though I must restrict my very nature to be intellectual and egocentric, I welcome the challenge to discover that hidden emotional and intuitive side of myself.

...The Journey continues and even increases in excitement and anticipation!

Peace and Blessings to All!

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