“Your Natural Cancer Cures” Website Gets Given to the Public!


I’ve been working pretty diligently over the past several weeks laying the foundation of the new website,  http://www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com, using it as the basis of my participation in Ed Dale’s “THE CHALLENGE”.   Now, that we’re in the last week of THE CHALLENGE, I know that many of you are enjoying the information that I have personally researched, compiled, written and published on the website (with statistics showing more than 2000 hits last month!).




You must instinctively know, like I do, that collectively, we already know all the various natural ways to “Treat and Beat Cancer”, either from your own personal experience of actually having suffered through the disease, or from the experience of someone that you know.


Today, I offer this website as a “gift” to ALL OF YOU, the READERS, and invite each one of you to MAKE THIS WEBSITE YOUR OWN, by emailing YOUR articles, YOUR stories, YOUR knowledge and tips, and YOUR personal discoveries, challenges, and disappointments, etc., related to the topic … Natural Cancer Cures.  This will enable us to share our collective thoughts and feelings about this topic by publishing them on the Your Natural Cancer Cures” Website for the benefit of all! 


If you take a peak at the website today, you will see that we have already begun activity towards the “Make This Website Your Own” Campaign, and just finished reviewing some personal stories, and answers to wonderful questions like these:


What are the best natural foods to eat for cancer?

Natural/Alternative Cancer Treatments?..( Do they REALLY exist?)

What are some natural cures for cancer?

Childhood Cancer…What are the facts?


To be actively involved with the evolution and growth of the “Your Natural Cancer Cures” Conversations, simply send your articles in an email to: yournaturalcancercures@gmail.com and identify one of the following categories in the “Subject Area” of your email: “Natural Cancer Cures”, “Natural Cancer Foods”, “Natural Cancer Herbs”, “Natural Cancer Treatments”, “Natural Cancer Resources”, or “Cancer Facts”.  In this way, we can maintain the existing categories of the website, and experience organized growth into a wealth of categorized information about natural cancer cures. Of course, you are free to make comments and responses to any existing question or article, which is already published directly on the website (as with any other “blog”).  However, what I am proposing will hopefully make the Your Natural Cancer Cures website grow into an organized magnet for all the information that we collectively know about Natural Cancer Cures! 


Of course, I will continue to be a participant along with you in the various conversations that evolve, as well as share information through my on-going research about natural cancer cures.  So, please visit often, to see how much more information we collectively know about this important topic, and share your own thoughts and comments to help determine the exciting journey of our collective conversations!


Thanks in advance for your support and active participation in the www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com  Make This Website Your Own” Campaign!


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