Newsletter 234 – Awakening the Spiritual Human That Exists in Us All

I don’t have too much time to disussthis, but a New free Beginner’s on-line Kabbalah Course is starting next week on October 13th, 2010.  If you are interested, jus click the box over on the right side that says “Free Kabbalah Course”.  I must say that I enjoyed it, and will be continuing with my studies into the Intermediate cClass also starting on that same date.

  Enjoy YOUR Spiritual Journey!


Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 21:04:24 +0200
Subject: Newsletter 234 – Awakening the Spiritual Human That Exists in Us All

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Awakening the Spiritual Human That Exists in Us All

Newsletter No. 234
Only the spiritual body, or the soul, is the human being in me because the animate body cares only for itself, the animal, and exists only as long as this animal is alive. More
  • From Michael Laitman’s Personal Blog
The Input from Above Which Makes One Human

From Michael Laitman's Personal Blog

A human being emerges in me when I search for an example of bestowal built from within. If a child seeks our help, it means that he has a painful, tangible, and essential question. He has already tried everything he could and nothing worked. Only in this case do we help him and replenish what he couldn’t attain because of his nature.

If he applies much effort and understands that he is unable to do it on his own, he eventually prepares his desire and sets up his mind for our clarifications and assistance; that is, for input from a level that is higher than his. This “addition” makes him a human being. However, if I reveal everything to him before he applies his own effort, then my explanations won’t create anything worthy or new for him either in his desires or in his mind. More>>

  • Video of the Week
Whatever You Want

Video of the Week

How do I connect problems at work or at home to the group?
  • Article of the Week
Trying to Connect with Others Provides a Window to Ask for the Light

Article of the Week

What can we do when we don’t succeed in reaching a connection between each other?

The situation of wanting to make a connection and not succeeding is a good situation since this is an opportunity to ask for the Light. I understand that everything I want to attain, even if it’s for the sake of receiving, is attainable only within the connection. And so then, I reach a decision that we must connect. Then, we already know that it is possible to attain something only through the connection, and we try to perform all kinds of activities of connection, and after them, we learn from The Zohar. If we do all this, if during the studies we want only to connect, even if it is not the true state or the true desire, to the extent that there is an inner intention to bestow to the Upper One, in any case, it works and the Light appears and changes us. More>>

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