Just saw a nice video at  by Thinkvitality

I like it because it gets to the “bottom line” about cancer, (or any other disease) … The Prevention, and the lifestyle changes that each one of us needs to embrace to become and stay CANCER-FREE!  I also like seeing the Natural Products Industry businesses uniting to create a much louder voice for “CANCER PREVENTION”.  As I mentioned in the “Make This Website Your Own” Campaign announcement, collectively we already know how to naturally cure and prevent cancer!  In fact, there’s nothing that we do not collectively know because we are little pieces of the same Creator.

I also like the way the young lady with breast cancer speaks about her day and life towards the end of the video.  She cherishes and enjoys EVERY MOMENT OF HER LIFE now, from the very second she opens her eyes to taking a walk with her dog!  Whereas before her breast cancer diagnosis, I’m sure she took her life activities for granted, like most of us).  Just a gentle reminder that each and every moment of life is a “gift”, because the NOW is all that we truly have!

Enjoy the video!  If it’s not on the first page when you arrive at the website, simply click on “Natural Cancer Foods” in the Categories list along the left side of the page.

Love, Peace, and Blessings to all!


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