The Health Revolution is Here! Are YOU Ready to Join it???

I was pleased to receive in my email an invitation to become a member of Jim Humble’s  H2O Air Water Americas Healthcare Membership Association, which is a private Healthcare Membership Association created for people who are ready to start taking full responsibility of their own health! (Exactly what I’ve been advocating for many years!)  I know many will disagree with me (especially in my age group, i.e. the “Baby Boomers” who depend so much on their doctors, health insurance, and HMO’s), but it’s not the responsibility of anyone else to take care of YOUR personal health!  If you are sick, it’s usually because YOU did not make good health choices in Your life.  Neither the government, FDA, nor the Medical Industry doctors, can do much of anything for you, except make you as comfortable as possible, while they watch you die, because they are all hand-cuffed and controlled by the Pharmaceutical Industry that is literally “banking” on each and every disease remaining mysteriously incurable”, all the while, being knowledgeable of the many natural and affordable cures already in existence!  All the drugs…the research…the expensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments…the Dialysis treatment…all of their methods have very temporary to no positive results for the patients; and as such, the “patients” (you and me) have become dehumanized, and only a means to an end… reaching the billions of dollars PROFITS along the “CHAIN OF DEATH”!

 They are so bold now, that when they advertise a new drug on TV, they give you a list of exactly what other health issues will arise from taking that one drug, (.i.e ‘This drug may solve one problem, but it will create a lot of other health issues in it’s place, some of which, will be MORE DETRIMENTAL than the one it temporarily treats!!!)   GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!   They must think that we are STUPID!!!!  CORRECTION:  They must KNOW that we are STUPID, to keep taking a drug, (thanks to the recommendations of our “trusted” physicians, who get paid to push the deadly drugs on us!), that will knowingly create other health issues (for which they have yet other expensive drugs and treatments ready for us to buy!!) … sounds like a VERY VICIOUS CYCLE!…


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