Are YOU Ready to GET Well and STAY Well?

After addressing the “Simplicity of Curing Cancer” in my last article, I was reminded that cancer is NOT the PROBLEM… it is just one of the many SYMPTOMS of the REAL cause of practically every disease – oxygen deficiency!  How simple a problem is that to solve????   Well, if you just figure out the best and most cost efficient way for your body to get enough oxygen, then ALL of your health issues could vanish in a very short time… right down to migraine headaches!  It can be just that easy!  What’s nice about increasing your body’s oxygen content, is that it’s easy to find a method that can fit your personal preferences and/or “budget”!


Also, in that same article, I outlined some direct methods for putting more oxygen in your body externally, and briefly described Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Ozone Therapy.  Of course, if you are claustrophobic, sitting or lying in any type of chamber may not be for you, however, I also listed “The One Minute Cure” using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and MMS which uses chlorine dioxide, both of which are internal ways to increase oxygen in your body cells without immersing yourself in a chamber! (Both of these internal cures are discussed in more detail at


Depending on how long your body tissues have been deprived of oxygen, and the extent of the deprivation, Your cancer cure could take anywhere from 4 days to 12 months.  Of course, during Your selection of treatment for curing the disease, the way to speed-up your recovery is to use the supporting “Good Health Components”, i.e. “quality water, (raw) organic alkaline foods, sunshine, exercise and rest”.


So, now that we know this important and most valuable information about oxygen, it should simplify your search for the “mysterious” cure to cancer!   I know that this information will assist me in selecting the most effective natural cancer cures to research and share on our website.  From this point forward, I will ONLY be sharing treatments and therapies that increase the flow of oxygen to the body’s cellular tissue.  Anything else is just addressing the symptoms and NOT the cause of the disease itself.  That’s NOT what people need!  


The only question remaining to be answered now is…


”Are YOU ready to be cured and live

a disease-free Life?”


If your answer to this question is ‘YES”, and I can’t imagine anyone with a serious disease, not being ready, (except in the case of those egoistic “pain bodies” that actually enjoy the attention of being sick, helpless, and a “victim” of some mysterious “unknown” force), then you have some work to do, starting RIGHT  NOW!

(1)   DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Research and select the best method for you to use for increasing the oxygen content in your body on a continuous basis.  By continuous, I mean that even after you are cured of your disease (whatever it is), that you still practice the recommended “maintenance level” of treatment without any, or very few, interruptions.  This is necessary to help you maintain a disease-free status.

(2)   Find the best doctor, or practitioner in you area to administer the desired oxygen or ozone therapy; OR find the best source from which to purchase the desired products, MMS, or 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I suggest simply doing a “Google Search” for each product and comparing the results.


REMEMBER…Getting WELL and Staying WELL is YOUR Responsibility…

Don’t Drop The Ball!!!


Now, I must let you know that even though I have not been diagnosed with ANY disease, I will be doing my personal research to solve my own oxygen deficiency, and I will be sharing my findings and experiences along the way, so stay tuned…

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