Will the Adsense Ads Make Cents For YourNaturalCancerCures.com ?

Your Natural Cancer Cures made 32 cents yesterday from its very first “CLICK” on one Google ad at  www.yournaturalcancercures.com   Up until two days ago, the Google ads were static ads inserted inside the articles, which I found to be very distracting, but two days ago, the ad positioning changed from inside the articles to only at the end of the articles, and I must say that I prefer that positioning and frequency a lot better, since it’s less intrusive to the reader’s eye.  Now, it seems that Google also has changed the ad format from static display ads to placing an “Ad Box” with a variety of ads, so that the visitors can literally “scroll” through to find something of interest!  I’ve never noticed the scrollable “Ad Box” anywhere else before (even though I know that it isn’t new), but actually, I think it is quite a clever idea … let the visitors choose the ads of interest to them!


Nevertheless, I’m not sure how successful the Adsense revenue will be for this particular website, especially since visitors have to ACTUALLY “CLICK” ON AN AD before any revenue can be generated!  I’m a bit apprehensive, for the simple fact that the subject matter of the entire website is to empower people to take full control and personal responsibility for their own health, and NOT blindly depend on the Medical Industry to solve their health problems, and lead them down “surgery lane”!  Seems like it may become a “catch-22” type of situation to me, but I’m curious to see if Adsense works anyway, because 32 cents is better than no cents, and it’s the first income the website has earned since its creation!  That, in itself is reason enough for a celebration!


But I also noticed that the initial static display ads Google chose to display (up until 10/31) were mainly Cancer Treatment Clinics, and oncologists who specialize in standard cancer treatments (i.e. surgery, radiation, chemotherapy)… the VERY type of doctors and cancer treatment centers that the entire website WARNS its visitors about!   Labeling them all as BIG MISTAKES for anyone with cancer, or any other chronic or pathogenic disease… especially since Charlotte Gerson divulged during her workshop, that there are state laws against licensed medical doctors treating cancer patients with anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy!   So I would be very surprised if the visitors attracted to the website would be interested in any of those ads at all, unless they just “clicked” on them for SPITE, but that didn’t happen!  I must say though, that the new scrolling “Ad Boxes” contain ads that are more in alignment with the website theme and purpose (i.e. natural health, alternative treatment centers, etc. ) so, there may be hope after all.


I think the American people deserve to know exactly what they are dealing with when they choose to follow the advice of their licensed physicians, and what type of pressures these doctors are under to continually suggest DEADLY treatments in spite of the abundant proven evidence that good raw organic foods have the power to actually CURE DISEASES!  In Real Estate, they call it  “DISCLOSURE” of the TRUTH!  Otherwise, it’s as if the doctors are knowingly marching their patients (blindfolded), one by one, to their graves!


It would be quite miraculous if the Adsense revenue actually increased to an amount where YourNaturalCancerCures could support billboard advertising, and full page newspaper advertising in major cities, informing people about this ENORMOUS medical non-disclosure issue!


Too many people have died, and too many are continually dying unnecessarily, from diseases that can be easily CURED with natural organic foods! …  AND all because the Pharmaceutical Cartel wants to keep making non-stop money with drugs…at ANY COST…even at the cost of YOUR LIFE AND MINE??!!!! 


I have previously mentioned in other articles last month that we are at the very beginning of a crucial International Health Revolution, and we can literally “fuel” a strong frontal attack on the Pharmaceutical Industry, by simply exercising our individual right to “CLICK”!! …How EASY is that??!!!   Join the Revolution to GET WELL and STAY WELL!!!


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