One, Two, Three…Cancer-Free with Coffee!

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Charlotte Gerson taught us that there are exactly TWO causes of ANY chronic or pathogenic disease… DEFICIENCY and TOXICITY!  As I mentioned in my last article discussing the Charlotte Gerson videos on , I initially thought that the ONLY deficiency of importance for everybody was oxygen, but Charlotte pointed out in the workshop videos that when you become ill, your immune system is extremely weak and has allowed your body to be over-taken by toxins from parasites, bacteria, viruses and pathogens which have started living and multiplying in your oxygen-deficient cellular tissues.  Once your body starts producing tumors (toxin trash bags), then your deficiency level has surpassed the point of needing ONLY oxygen, and has elevated to a crucial level of deficiency, namely a deficiency of NUTRIENTS and ENZYMES, which your cells need to be replenished immediately in order to get your immune system back to work!  The longer it takes for our cells to get the nutrition they need to function properly, the progressively sicker and more diseased our bodies become!

So, if you are ill with any disease, you would want to answer three very important questions: 1) How will you replenish your body’s oxygen and nutritional deficiencies? , 2) How will you quickly and efficiently remove the toxins from the tumors located in your body’s cellular tissues?, and 3) How will you quickly and efficiently remove the toxins from your elimination organs once they receive the abundant toxins from the cellular tissues?  In my opinion, answering these three crucial questions correctly puts any sick person on the road to recovery from any disease!

Consequently, all of my research and personal experience, up to this point, draws me to the conclusion that the very best way to fight ANY disease or bodily discomfort is to do the following:

   1. Immediately go on a 100% RAW Organic Fruit and Vegetable Diet, which starts immediately mending your cells and empowering them to rid your cellular tissues of accumulated toxins. (Do this diet for at least two weeks like I instinctively did 20 years ago in the article “My Cancer Cure”).  If you have cancer, you may need to view Charlotte speaking in detail about the fruits and vegetables that she uses at the Gerson Institute.  But you especially need to know the fruits and vegetables that she avoids completely, because they actually feed the tumors!
   2. Determine the most efficient way to quickly flush those abundantly released toxins from your elimination organs; (Please Note: There are two levels of toxin removal which must be addressed: cellular and organs.)
   3. Determine the best way to keep increasing your body’s oxygen and nutrient level on a daily basis for maintaining optimum health and becoming disease-free for life!

We have already discussed #3 in previous articles with very effective ways to attack the oxygen deficiency (i.e. Hyperbaric oxygen/ozone therapy, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and MMS), and the importance of a highly alkaline raw organic fruits and vegetable diet for providing the necessary enzymes and nutrients our cells need to be healthy.  If there is any question about this, please select the Category “Cancer Diet”, over on the right side of the page.

However, as many of you have already discovered (as I have), there is a never-ending list of methods available for the removal of toxins from your body, but I like to make things simple, for myself, and hopefully, for others as well.  For occasional constipation, I use a powerful herbal laxative, Cascara Sagrada, which has worked very well for me over the years.  However, for a systematic Health Maintenance Cleansing of toxins from your vital organs, the cleansing of the colon is essential.

Charlotte almost exclusively uses the Organic Coffee Enema for her patients, and because of the vast amount of toxins being released from tumors and cellular tissue each day by her patients, they receive five (5) coffee enemas every day, which MUST be effective to handle the massive amount of toxins released during the Therapy!  Now, that is the recommended schedule of someone who is “critically ill”, but how about someone like me, who is not sick?  I am still consciously aware that I am oxygen deficient (by default), and therefore have some level of toxins lurking inside my body at any given point in time.  Well, I have heard that 2-3 colonics a year are quite effective for maintaining good health, and several years ago, I actually went through the colonic process, however, the cost of colonics can be prohibitive for many people, and it is a procedure that takes a series of treatments over days or weeks to be completely effective.  I personally would like to be able to economically handle my colon cleansing in the comfort of my own home, and I learned from Charlotte Gerson, that the Organic Coffee Enema is quite effective, so I looked for a video to describe the process, and I found the very pleasant video by Jaison Greene,  which shows you exactly how to prepare and self-administer the Organic Coffee Enema in the comfort of your home! 

Enjoy, and remember the goal… Get Well and Stay Well!



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