Cancer PREVENTION vs. Cancer CURE… …Where would YOU Rather INVEST Your Money??

I read one of the comments yesterday by one of the visitors to  in reaction the ThinkVitality Video which focuses on CANCER PREVENTION.  And she wrote, “I want to start learning and investing in illness prevention rather than illness hospital bills  I want to change my life style in many areas starting with what me and my family eat.” 


And I began to think about the word she used… “investing” and how she made “what she and her family eats” TOP PRIORITY when mentioning “changing her lifestyle in many areas”.   The simplicity of her request rang LOUDLY in my ears, and I started thinking about all the various organizations raising millions of dollars from donations , that are actually investments, for research to find a “cure” for Cancer THAT ALREADY EXISTS…and has existed for at least 80 years!!!  Now, you tell me what makes more sense… to keep throwing millions of dollars after research of an unnecessary cure, or to redirect that money towards organizations involved with the actual Prevention of Disease on a massive scale, by making it more affordable for people to buy and eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables on a DAILY basis?  This can be accomplished by supporting and establishing subsidized FOOD CO-OPS, which will greatly reduce the cost of high quality organic foods for Co-op Members!  Or even subsidize the Organic Farmers directly, so that they don’t have to charge so much for their produce, and can possibly expand their farms to create more good nutritional food!


Also, by simply re-directing some of those MILLIONS of “finding-a-cure-that-already-exist” dollars, the cost of health care on a national scale would go to an absolute minimum because a majority of the people would be healthy most of the time!!  In fact, maybe health care costs could become so affordable that it could simply be a GOVERNMENT EXPENSE and absolutely FREE for the people, like in the Netherlands!…Think about  it!…  Millions of people getting and staying healthy because they have a DAILY abundant diet of fresh organic fruits and vegetables!  Possibly, even some of the money could be utilized for teaching gardening skills, and to put both children and adults to work throughout their neighborhoods, helping families to grow,maintain  and harvest vegetable gardens in their unused yard-space, or maybe even creating community gardens on vacant lots, and everyone in the neighborhood shares in the harvest!  Block Clubs could become an intricate part of the movement, and the schools might even be able to actually start growing enough organic foods for serving healthy lunches in the cafeterias! 

Let your imagination soar!…Mine just did! 

I’d like to get some sentiment and feed-back on this idea because I have access to a 31-year-old 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation just waiting for something  of VALUE to do!   I already know that I am talking to some of the greatest organizers and corporate management minds in the world, who know EXACTLY how to structure one or more organizations and/or businesses doing EXACTLY what I’m talking about!  So, let’s talk soon and Get THIS Party STARTED!!!!  The foundation has already been laid, and now the “seed” has been planted …hopefully, not on barren soil!  For those of you who are actually READY to do this, before we “kick the bucket”, you can email me directly at , letting me know how YOU can participate in this “dream” to help it materialize (in our lifetime)!  Together, I KNOW that we can TREAT AND BEAT DISEASES… forever!


What a major support step this would be for the Natural Health Revolution!!!!…First cure everyone very quickly with MMS, and then keep them healthy with DAILY access to natural Organic Food (including coffee 😉  at the local level!!!  Who’s ready to start changing THE ENTIRE WORLD???!!  ( Why do I feel like “Sid the Science Kid” right now with his “BIG IDEA”?)  I REALLY like that show, by the way!  😀

Peace, Love and Good Health to All!


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