“YourNaturalCancerCure’s Account has been BLOCKED”

Sunday, I joined the Cancer Survivor’s Network to share my personal experience with Breast Cancer, and to also introduce other survivors to some different DETOX methods for quickly ridding their bodies of the poisonous drugs from chemotherapy.

I made a few suggestions to some ladies that were going in for testing, and one lady wrote me a private message. She thought “…my advice could keep someone from getting chemo and pay the ultimate price…”  I let her know that I was just sharing information from my personal experience like everyone else, and that each person must be responsible for whatever decisions that they make throughout life.  But I let her know that I was committed to natural cancer cures research, and the sharing of that information to as many who would listen.  In her next message, she let me know that she was a chemo patient and divulged that when she asked her doctor if she could STOP the treatments (because they made her feel so bad), he told her “NO!”  And explained that he had to follow certain “protocol” for the administration of chemotherapy, and the treatments couldn’t be interrupted!  Unfortunately, as we know that ‘protocol” is that if the cancer patient doesn’t complete the specified number of treatments, then NOBODY GETS PAID (the doctors nor the pharmaceuticals!)  But she also told me that most of the people on the website only had insurance, and that the Insurance Companies won’t pay for any other kind of treatment!

I told her…“WHAT A RACKET!…The Insurance Companies must be in on it too!”… and then I apologized for “preaching” and invited her to the website,  www.YourNaturalCancerCures.com so that she could possibly educate herself on alternative cures for cancer.

Yesterday, when I went to see if she responded to my partial “rant”, I found the message “YourNaturalCancerCures’s account has been BLOCKED”

…is it something that I said?…:-)


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