Cancer Survivor’s Network Discriminates Against Alternative Cancer Cure Members

-Let’s All Join the Network and talk about Natural Cancer Cures!!!-


I’ve been going back and forth with the Cancer Survivor’s Network, who you may remember, blocked my account about 10 Days Ago.  It seems they are trying to claim that I spammed their website with repetitive information, but I know that is NOT the case because I carefully selected each post.  When I asked for them to show me what information that I posted constituted “spamming” to them, all that they could say is that all the posts have been deleted, so I’m almost SURE that is NOT TRUTH!


What I REALLY think is the fact that I cured myself without the use of traditional medicine, and started posting some of my researched supporting information about Natural Cancer Cures, in my personal “blog” area, that could possibly change the minds of some of their Members, headed for radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery!


The more I think about it, I’m reminded that this Network is owned by The American Cancer Society, which makes it’s money from DONATIONS by people who believe that there is NO CANCER CURE!  So there’s no way in H— that they are going to let a little Cancer Survivor like me, who cured herself by just eating Raw Fruits and Vegetables, contaminate their very profitable “Pity-Party” Network of Members.  Most, if not all, of their Members, have suffered through one or more traditional cancer treatments, needing psychological and emotional support to continue their life journey. Or the members’ statements might be something like, “I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m so scared!, or “I’m scheduled to meet with my oncologist to discuss treatments.  What questions should I ask?”


Any of you who have been following my posts related to Natural Cancer Cures or visited the website at , have to KNOW that I’m going to tell all of them how to GET WELL and STAY WELL with Organic Fruit and Vegetables, and to stay away from Chemotherapy because it is toxic to your body and will KILL YOU; to stay away from radiation, because it has to burn something else in your body trying to get to the tumor; or avoid surgery, which is maximum invasion of your body and exposes you to infections, germs and bacteria that weren’t there before!


So, it seems that they don’t like me because I’m NOT playing the Cancer “GAME” to THEIR SPECIFICATIONS, and now, I’m an outcast! L  And I feel so dejected!


But I had a thought this morning…What would happen if everybody joined the CANCER SURVIVOR’S NETWORK, and started sharing information about alternative cancer treatments in all of their discussion boards!  We might be able to save a few lives!  I’d be interested in seeing what would happen! 😀




Please sign up and JOIN THE CANCER SURVIVOR’S NETWORK TODAY and start talking about the benefits of Natural and Alternative Cancer Cures (You can get ideas from the website, if you need to)   I’m sure that we, the people, can ROCK THEIR WORLD, and start to put an END to this insane and deadly  “CANCER GAME”!


P.S. If you are afraid to do it yourself, pass this directive on to your friends, so that it becomes virile!


Peace, Blessings, and Natural Health to all!   POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!


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