Take the Time To be Kind…

Now that my daughter and son-in-law are back from their relaxing 5-day R&R in Maui, I’m off of “Morning Transportation-Duty”, and I had time for my favorite walk this morning.  As I approached the busy intersection, a lady standing on the corner with her daughter, asked me “Do you have the time?”, and because she was pointing at her wrist, indicating a watch, my immediate inclination was to tell her, ”No, I don’t.”, because I didn’t have a watch, and continue as normal on my brisk walk; but within one second, I remembered that I had my cell phone with me, and I reached into my pocket and pulled it out to tell her the time.  “ It’s 7:21.”, I said.

This took all of about three seconds, and I continued walking down the busy street gleefully swinging my arms for added movement as usual.  Just before I reached one of the many driveways between the many Apartment Buildings along that street, a lady in a car with her young daughter in the passenger seat, sped out from the driveway right across the sidewalk, directly in front of me!  Needless to say, I was quite startled because I didn’t see her, and I could tell that she had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that she almost knocked me into my next life!  She was probably running a little bit late for getting her daughter to school, and looking only to the left for oncoming traffic, and because she was late, she was going extra fast across the sidewalk this morning, since the driveway made a pretty steep climb for her car to even reach the sidewalk and street level.

“I would have been a Ran-Over Sister, fo’ SURE!!!”

I immediately whispered aloud, “Thank you, God for saving me!”  Had I gotten to that point three seconds earlier, I knew would have been lying in the street from the collision of that car and my body, and possibly hit by another car traveling in the street at the time because I know that I would have bounced or been carried about 10 feet from the point of collision!  And I immediately reflected on the three second delay in my normal walk that had occurred just several minutes earlier at the corner, when I briefly paused to give the lady the time.

We receive little “messages from God” EVERYDAY, but most of us are too busy to hear them, or we completely ignore them because our ego makes us think that there’s something better to do, and/or say at that particular time!

An act of kindness can help somebody have a good day…even you!  Take the Time to be Kind!

Peace, Love and Blessings to All!



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